Track Your Package and Freight Shipments the Easy, Informative Way

When you do business with your customers, your transaction doesn’t end once you send them their package or freight shipment. They depend on you to provide information on the status of their shipments when they need it, and without delay.

You need an online tracking tool that’s easy to access, simple to navigate and has all the answers. Use FedEx Tracking. It’s important to your business.

Easy access
The more your customers know about the status of a shipment, the more confident they feel about you and your service. Plus, when you track the status of your shipment along its entire route, your business benefits from reduced warehousing costs, improved customer service capabilities and increased operational efficiency.

Now you and your customers can quickly and easily access details on the status of up to 30 package and freight shipments at one time. You can get basic status-tracking information without even logging in to

Want more customization capabilities? When you log in to FedEx Tracking using your FedEx account number, you’ll get more details about your shipments based on the criteria you input.

For basic info
First, go to the home page and enter the shipment tracking number, door tag number or FedEx Office order number in the Track a Shipment module. Then click on “Track.” From the tracking details result screen, you and your customers can:

  • Refresh and review. Save shipment tracking numbers so you can return later and easily check shipping status again — a feature that’s especially useful for online shoppers.
  • Identify shipments. Assign nicknames to shipments for faster access to their status.
  • Create a watch list. Designate shipments to proactively monitor (for instance, important, time-sensitive shipments) and stay updated on shipments that may encounter problems or delays.
  • View shipment exceptions. If a delivery delay occurs, the shipment status is highlighted in red.

For detailed info
Want more in-depth information about your shipments? Log in to with your FedEx user ID and password, click on the Track tab and choose Access FedEx Tracking. You’ll find information to help manage your shipments and provide status updates to your customers:

  • Access two views. Choose list view or calendar view, whichever you prefer. In list view, customize information based on your needs, and filter and sort shipments according to your priorities. Want an overview of your in-transit shipments by day, week or month? Simply switch to calendar view.
  • Customize filters. See only what’s relevant to you and your customer for any shipment. Filter by reference number, shipment date, company name and other variables. You can also view and filter your shipments by inbound, outbound and third-party shipments.
  • Email notifications. Proactively keep your customers updated about the status of their shipments. You can send notifications to up to four email recipients, informing them when FedEx picks up a shipment, if an exception delays a shipment, when a shipment is delivered and of their packages’ current tracking status.
  • Obtain proof of delivery. View a picture of your customers’ signature as confirmation that they received their FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Freight® shipments.
  • Export shipment information. You can export details about your shipments to a spreadsheet in CSV or XML format.

The benefits
With FedEx Tracking, you’ll enjoy a smoother working experience — and more satisfied customers:

  • Get fewer customer service calls. With improved visibility throughout the shipping process, you can proactively communicate unexpected delays to your customers. When they’re better informed, they can prepare alternate plans, and your customer service department will receive fewer incoming calls.
  • Reduce use of inventory-holding locations. When you know the exact position of your inventory in the supply chain and how quickly it’s moving, you can carry less of it and still maintain your order fill rates.
  • Improve reliability and confidence. Customers appreciate transparency, and that translates to more confidence in their relationship with your company.

Track smarter
Empower your customers with the information they want, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty. Get started now with the new FedEx Tracking module on the home page of

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