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Your Temperature-Sensitive and High-Value Shipments Need Extra Protection

When your shipment requires extra attention — the product must maintain a certain temperature range while in transit, or high-level security is essential — rely on FedEx Custom Critical® for standard-setting technology and proactive monitoring. Your shipment will be transported at the required temperature throughout transit, whether by ground 
or air.1

We serve a diverse range of industries and transport various types of products, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Computer equipment
  • Food and beverages
  • Artwork
  • Museum artifacts

Two levels of protection
FedEx Custom Critical offers direct, door-to-door delivery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via both ground and air service. Your shipments will arrive at the time you need them, backed by a money-back guarantee.2

The type and level of service depends on your needs:

  • Temp-Assure®
    • Full-range temperature control and protection from heat or freezing.
    • Mean-temperature data receipts available on request.
    • Ability to track location and temperature via the web.
  • Temp-Assure Validated®
    • Supported by a quality management system.
    • Hard-copy temperature documentation.
    • Ability to track location and temperature via the web.
    • Support for your regulatory compliance is facilitated by an audit trail.
    • Vehicles tested every 18 months with thermal map of cargo box.

A valuable feature of the Temp-Assure Validated service is a specialized quality management team. The specially trained group of experts is dedicated to your shipment, 24/7, from start to finish.

Before pickup, while in transit and after delivery, the team monitors and documents the shipment’s activities, performs an audit trail, and applies corrective and preventive actions as needed. At the start, the team creates a contingency plan based on your standard operating procedures and uses this plan while continually communicating with you if corrective action is required.

Service features
All of our vehicles come equipped with the latest in temperature-control technology, and we regularly test them to ensure functionality and performance.

  • Fleet of vehicles. Our nationwide fleet of about 350 temperature-control vehicles can handle nearly any size shipment:
    • Tractor-trailers
    • Straight trucks
    • Sprinter vans
  • Exclusive-use vehicle. To ensure continued temperature control and security, your shipment travels alone on the vehicle.
  • Specially equipped vehicles. Each vehicle comes equipped with Ameriscan temperature-data recorders. Temperature probes that run throughout the cargo box are connected to the recorder, which creates a real-time hard copy of the temperature history from front to back in the cargo area. We’ll provide you with a data tape of the cargo’s temperature during transit for your compliance requirements.
  • Temperature-control containers. FedEx Express aircraft can transport high-technology containers. These containers run by compressor-based motors or off blocks of dry ice to maintain even the most difficult temperature ranges and protect from heat or freezing.
  • Visibility and shipment-status tracking. The Qualcomm in-cab, two-way communications and status-tracking device enables online tracking of the shipment’s location at every point along the way. Additional equipment is used to track the temperature. The vehicles are also equipped with emergency alert capabilities and cargo lock-and-seal services.

FedEx Custom Critical can provide additional precautionary safety options to fit your security needs. These features are part of the standard service:

  • Driver security audit. Our drivers must pass extensive background checks prior to contracting with FedEx Custom Critical.
  • Driver identification. We’ll email you photos of the vehicle’s drivers so you and your security guards know beforehand who is handling your shipment.
  • Driver Secure Program. We assign a team of two drivers for your shipment so at least one driver remains with the truck at all times — even when stopping for fuel or rest breaks — from pickup to delivery.

For even further security at a nominal fee, you can request additional attention for your shipment beyond the standard operations. Our FedEx Custom Critical SecureComm team of experts will provide 24/7 monitoring on multiple levels, such as:

  • 24-hour shipment-status tracking. We use a multi-sensor device such as SenseAwareSM to determine near real-time status of your shipment’s location and temperature.
  • Geo-fencing. The team plans a secure route for your high-level shipment. If our vehicle deviates from the predetermined route, an electronic-barrier device sends an alarm to the team, which prompts interactive communication with 
    the drivers.
  • Safe parking. The team arranges in advance for the truck and its drivers to stay in secured area if the shipment arrives before the destination facility opens.
  • High-level monitoring and proactive notification. In the rare case your shipment moves off-course or the temperature in the cargo area deviates, the team will communicate the prearranged contingency plans with you.

24-hour protection 
FedEx Custom Critical services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Click here to learn more. For ground and air service, call 1.800.255.2421. No advance notice is necessary.

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1The temperature in the cargo area of the vehicle and in the transporting container will be maintained at the specified temperature throughout transit.

2Contact a FedEx Custom Critical representative for information on our money-back guarantee, or click here to download the FedEx Custom Critical Service Guide Tariff (see Item 605).

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