You Have More Than One Customer. You Need a Simplified Shipping Process.

If you had only one customer, imagine how simple your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping process would be: You work with one LTL shipping company. You use one software system to create one Bill of Lading for one address. One driver picks up your shipments. And you pay one invoice.

Simple, right?

Well, you have more than one customer. Many more. And you still expect your shipping process to go smoothly.

So does Atlantic American Fire Equipment Company. A smooth shipping process — from start to finish — is essential to the success of the Warrington, Pa., company. That's why they now use FedEx Freight.

Atlantic American delivers fire protection products to customers nationwide via its six full-service distribution centers. Because it has two freight-delivery needs — time-sensitive shipments to its customers, and standard shipments for routine inventory replenishment in its warehouses — Atlantic American appreciates the streamlined process of two services available through one LTL shipping company:

Simplify your shipping process
You know how important it is to keep accurate data for shipment processing. So it adds extra pressure if you use two shipping solutions to manage and prepare your LTL shipments, as Atlantic American did a few months ago. Think how much easier it would be to consolidate that process into one shipping solution.

Atlantic American did. And so can you. Here's how.

FedEx Ship Manager Software is an electronic shipping tool that provides easy access to your entire database of FedEx Freight shipment records, as well as enabling FedEx Freight Bill of Lading and shipping label creation for U.S. LTL shipments.

Atlantic American knows firsthand how FedEx Ship Manager Software works. In 2011, FedEx asked the company to be a test customer, and they were delighted to share their input about how they processed their U.S. LTL shipments. As part of the trial, the company's entire customer address book was integrated into FedEx Ship Manager Software and is now accessible for all types of shipments at all six locations.

With FedEx Ship Manager®, Atlantic American now experiences a faster, more convenient and accurate system for creating shipping documents. In addition, the software enables the distribution company to:

  • Process shipments using an integrated address book.
  • Create FedEx Freight Bills of Lading and shipping labels.
  • Get a rate quote.
  • Track the status of its shipments and send email notifications.
  • Schedule pickups online.
  • Create customized reports.

Sound familiar?
While your company is unique, you have similar shipping needs as many other small and medium-size businesses. You want simplicity, accuracy and convenience.

Read the case study FedEx Shipping Software Helps Atlantic American Improve Its Customers' Service to learn how the company shared its input with FedEx to help create a more efficient shipping system that saves time, simplifies the shipping process and enhances data accuracy. And find out how Atlantic American began simplifying its LTL shipping experience by shipping with FedEx Freight — two services, one driver, one pickup and one invoice.

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