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Now, a Secure, Convenient Option for Your Shredding Needs. And Peace of Mind.

Shredding documents is a necessary chore for all businesses. Why risk your business and other people's livelihoods by ignoring or delaying this crucial task? Play it safe by destroying old payroll records. Protect the identity of your customers by shredding their credit card information used for payment.

An in-office paper shredder can work fine for occasional receipts, price lists and bids. But big shredding projects can clog or overheat your machine, causing backups or spills that can expose your documents to unauthorized eyes.

Concerned that your shredding job is too big for your company? No worries. FedEx Office can help. Untie yourself from the inconvenience of DIY shredding, so you and your staff can focus on other critical business.

Safe. Confidential. Secure.
You'll breathe easier now that select FedEx Office® Print and Ship Center locations offer a secure shredding dropoff service for your private and financial documents.

You trust FedEx Office to print, copy and deliver your important and private information. You can trust us to shred it as well. Here's how it works:

  • Bring paper materials such as old tax forms and financial records to your neighborhood FedEx Office and give them to a FedEx Office team member.
  • In your presence, our team member will weigh the documents and place them in the locked, protected shredding container from Iron Mountain located safely behind the counter.
  • You pay only 79 cents per pound to dispose of your documents.
  • An Iron Mountain specialist picks up the locked shredding container and transports it in a secure vehicle to a secure facility, where your documents are shredded and recycled.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing your confidential documents stay away from prying eyes.

Play it safe
Destroy documents quickly and easily. Go to a nearby FedEx Office Print and Ship Center and try our secure shredding dropoff service today.

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