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New Web Page Helps Small Businesses Save Time Shipping, Tracking and Reporting

Chances are you've used to track package status. Print a shipping label. Check your billing. But did you know you can manage the entire shipping process — and more — via one online page? No hunting down which site to use. No phone calls. No paper billing.

Simply go to the Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page on and easily attend to your shipping-related tasks: create a shipment, track its status and manage
your records.

Plus, this web page will also provide you with videos and demos. Just click and learn how to get far beyond just organizing package and freight delivery. You'll appreciate other time- and money-saving functions available online, too.

First things first: You need a shipment delivered. Everything to create a shipment is right there at your fingertips.

Want to schedule a pickup? Do it easily while you create the shipping label by using FedEx Ship Manager® at You can sign up for this online management tool on the Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page. And when used to update your profile, your shipment information populates automatically based on your input. FedEx Ship Manager at enables you to complete all your shipping needs in one place:

  • Generate shipping labels.
  • Set up email notifications.
  • Create customer profiles.

So the next time you schedule a shipment, you can complete your task in one click. Talk about simplicity!

Prefer to drop off your package at one of our locations? You can do that, too. Input your ZIP code to view the list of FedEx locations near you.

You can also click to get rates and transit times. Short on packing or shipping supplies? Point and click. Shipping internationally? You got it. Just click, and you're linked directly to the tools you need.

Know the precise location of your package at any time. From this single web page, you can easily track the status of your shipment by reference number, through email, via mobile devices or on your desktop. You choose.

If you want proof of delivery, you can request a signature from the package recipient straight from here, too.

No more digging through paper or deep into digital files. You can access all the tools you need from the Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page to manage your shipments and corresponding accounts.

  • Stay organized with FedEx® Billing Online Plus. View and manage all your online charges. Pay invoices and review billing data. You'll find you can bill customers — and get paid — more quickly. You can even reduce administrative costs and control your spending. With everything done online, you won't need to buy stamps.
  • File claims online. Skip the phone calls. Avoid faxing and mailing your forms.
    You can go online to take care of the paperwork to file a claim and stay informed of its status.
  • Create customizable reports. Get timely, accurate and actionable information that affects your business. You can preschedule their arrival or request them whenever you need an update.

Does your business keep you on the move? The Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page provides easy access to tools you can use via your mobile device.

Generate a shipping label even when you're not near a printer. Simply enter the label information on our mobile site, take your package to a FedEx Office location, and we'll scan the label from your phone. It's productivity in the fast lane.

Learn by example
Are you faced with a shipping situation you're not sure how to handle? Maybe your customer information needs better organizing. Or your business is quickly growing and you need an efficient way to manage your shipping records.

Sometimes just knowing how other companies solved their problems can help you solve yours. The Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page hosts several case studies that you can download. Read their stories. Then talk to your representative about how you can best manage your shipping tasks.

Simplify your business in one smart move
For more information on FedEx® online shipping services, go to the Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses page.

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