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Get Specialty Packaging Supplies Fast

Holiday demands leave little time to think about the best place to find packaging supplies to ship your gifts. Breathe easy. We've got you covered.

Supplies, specialty boxes and more
Need boxes? Tape? Air cushioning wrap? Go to a FedEx Office® Print and Ship Center or FedEx World Service Center® in your area, where you'll find the packaging supplies you need. You'll also find specialty packaging options for your delicate shipments and unusual-size items:

  • Laptops, smartphones and small electronics. Protect a variety of electronic devices with our specially engineered packaging.
  • Fragile items. Shipping delicate ornaments, china or crystal? We stock an array of packs, boxes and cushioning materials to protect fragile items during shipment.
  • Framed art. That framed painting will be the perfect gift, but how will you ship it? With one of our specialty boxes for framed art. Built especially to hold frames, the boxes will keep the edges from getting scratched, while protecting the canvas from punctures or tearing. FedEx® Tubes are also available for rolled posters or prints.
  • Specialty packaging. We have boxes for large, flat or even oddly shaped items like golf clubs. Use our double-walled boxes for heavy items.
  • Luggage. If you're traveling during the holidays, save time by shipping your luggage in advance. Protect your suitcase with one of our special luggage bags and we'll ship it to your destination. It will be waiting when you arrive.

As long as you're stocking up on boxes for your shipments, keep in mind the extra supplies you'll need for post-holiday returns.

When you're ready to ship — or return — your packages, the experts at FedEx Office Print and Ship Center and FedEx World Service Center locations can help you select the service that fits your needs.

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