When Tomorrow Isn’t Fast Enough

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Monica Hillier knows courier service. For the past three years, she’s drawn on her decades of transportation, courier and expedited shipping experience to help bring FedEx SameDay® City service to businesses and their customers in Denver, Colorado. Denver is one of several markets in the U.S. where the service is available.

Sure, same-day delivery can be a delight, but more often it’s a matter of bottom line, and sometimes even a matter of health and wellness. We sat down with Hillier to find out how businesses and their customers are benefitting from the service.

What types of industries gain the most from same-day delivery?
It runs the gamut: Every size and type of business wants quick delivery so their customers can enjoy their products the same day. Boutiques and high-end stores that sell luxury items — from jewelry to coffee to designer clothing — want to round off their customers’ elite shopping experience with the ultimate in customer service.

We also work with many clients who use fleets of routed delivery trucks. They use FedEx SameDay City to expedite time-critical orders and supplement their fleets.

Other businesses require a fast turnaround, such as organ and tissue procurement agencies (OTPOs), healthcare device providers, auto dealerships, law firms, accounting firms and pharmacies. If manufacturing companies can receive critical parts, supplies or inventory on the same day, they can dramatically reduce production downtime and save on extraneous costs.  

Can you give an example of how that would make a difference?
Sure. This is common for auto dealerships and others in the auto parts industry. Their customers, such as the mechanical repair shops, lose about $180 an hour for every hour they can't turn a car. Lots of times the shop owner doesn’t know what part is needed until the car's up on the rack. Plus, the shop owner might have to provide a rental car to the customer if the original repair is behind schedule. That could be one or more days — and more money. Timing is everything.

If the dealership or recycler can deliver the part within hours of the order being placed, suddenly they’re an unbeatable resource for that small-business owner. Shops that are within a 15-mile range can receive their part within two hours or less using FedEx SameDay City. Delivery can be made in three hours or less to destinations that are within a 30-mile range. Avoiding even an hour delay can save the shop owner a large sum of money.  

How much of a savings are some of these businesses seeing?
One customer told me the company’s delivery costs decreased by 50 percent. Also, a large national auto parts dealership says that using FedEx SameDay City eliminates the need for their salespeople to deal with customer exceptions regarding shipment status. That saves them an average of eight minutes per call, plus their sales of mechanical parts increased by about 88 percent.

How can a business owner determine whether FedEx SameDay City is right for them?
The first step is to contact us. We’ll send a sales representative to do a needs analysis to determine what their pain points are and what we can do to resolve them. Some of the questions we ask include:

  • Are you running your own fleet or outsourcing?
  • Do you use routed drivers but need to make ad hoc deliveries?
  • How could improving transit times positively impact your sales and customer satisfaction?

After our questions are answered, we create a customized proposal. If a business has a fleet of its own drivers, we can enlist our team of engineers to perform a fleet costing model. This tool enables us to do a cost-of-ownership comparison, which allows the owner to see at a glance the difference between our service and their current one.

What makes you so passionate about FedEx SameDay City?
I love how invested everyone at FedEx SameDay City is in the product. This becomes particularly evident in our drivers’ behavior. They’re extremely proactive, customer-service-oriented and communicative. It’s the first thing new customers mention to me, and what long-time customers appreciate.   

Get started today
FedEx SameDay City is available in select markets across the country. Learn more by visiting our website, then sign up to start delivering high-quality courier service to your customers.

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