Manage Your Customers, Track Sales With Salesforce

Knowing your customers and their needs is essential to a successful business. Need help managing your customer relationships so everyone in your company can instantly access critical customer data? Salesforce can help you do that.

As the leading customer relationship management (CRM) product provider (with more than 100,000 clients around the world), Salesforce offers products that fit your small-business needs. Its award-winning Sales CloudTM Group Edition web-based application enables small businesses to:

  • Manage customers.
  • Track sales.
  • Collaborate instantly companywide.
  • Increase efficiency.

This CRM solution provides ease-of-use, convenience and simplicity. You’ll get quick access to all critical account data, including a company overview, key sales data and essential documents.

Increase efficiency
Fully integrate FedEx functionality into your Salesforce CRM system by using the award-winning Shipmate application, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Shipmate is native to Salesforce, meaning its tools are built directly within the Salesforce platform. Because Shipmate is built in the Salesforce workflow, you can easily determine rates, ship packages, and track the status of your shipments directly from Salesforce to any contact, lead or other custom object. Adding Shipmate increases your efficiency and maximizes your productivity by extending shipping functionality to your CRM system so you don’t have to manage multiple contact lists or switch applications when you need to ship.

The shipping efficiencies you gain through Shipmate opens opportunities to build better customer relationships and generate more revenue. Here’s how:

  • Get FedEx quotes and create labels. Once your data is stored in the CRM solution, you can quickly generate FedEx rate quotes and easily create and print shipping labels using your laser or thermal printer.
  • Track FedEx shipment status. Use Salesforce to locate a lead, contact, account or opportunity and instantly see the status of the FedEx® shipment associated with it.

Discount opportunities
Sign up today and enhance your shipping experience:

  • FedEx discount. By becoming a Salesforce customer, you may qualify for special discounts:
    • Up to 26% on FedEx Express® services.
    • Up to 20% on FedEx Express international services.
    • Up to 20% on FedEx Office® services.
    • Up to 15% on FedEx Ground® services.
  • Salesforce Group Edition. FedEx customers can save 48% on this CRM solution. Typically priced at $300 per year, you’ll pay only $156 per year for each user.

Start now
Let FedEx and Salesforce help grow your business. It’s easy to get started:

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