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Create a Customized Calendar in Seconds

Give a yearlong gift of memories to the special people in your life.

Skip the standard ties, perfume and gloves. Instead, this season let your creativity show. Create a cool gift that will bring joy every month of the year: a customized calendar packed full of meaningful photos.

Customized calendars are great for your clients and colleagues. You can upload photos of your products or services, highlight an employee each month, or fill the page with words of wisdom or wit.

From start to finish
You'll be surprised at how easily you'll make these 12-month treasures. Just come into any one of our more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations nationwide, where team members are on hand to offer tips and expert advice.

Or create your calendar online. With our user-friendly step-by-step process, probably the most difficult step will be choosing the right photos for your masterpiece.

Unconvinced? We'll walk you through the process:

  1. First, select either a wall- or desk-style calendar. Both offer the same customization options; the only differences are size and shape.
  2. Next, pick a background for the pages of the calendar. You can feature a different style for each month, or use the same one on every page. More than 250 design options await you, so one is sure to fit.
  3. Now for the fun part. Select a high-resolution photo (150 dpi or greater) for each month of the year. Explore your creative side: Scan old family photos or kid-made works of art or make a collage. Select a product to highlight each month and use the calendars as marketing tools for your business. Fill the pages with photos of colleagues at work or play and pump up employee camaraderie.
  4. Next, crop, rotate or reduce the size of the image using the built-in edit tool. When you're satisfied with the photo selection, add a caption, and alter the background design as desired.
  5. Add special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, vacation dates and important sporting events. Do you hold an annual or quarterly sale at your business? Throw company parties? Make your calendar the go-to place for schedule planning.
  6. Spruce up your creation with borders and grids, and even select the font style of your calendar dates.

Once each month is complete with photos, captions and special events, preview your final product. Then select the "Online Proof Approval" box and place your order.

Order identical copies to pass out or tailor your design for each member of your family — parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and kids. A click of the mouse will quickly duplicate the photos, so you won't need to re-enter them. You can even adapt your business calendar for special clients or to highlight different product lines.

All customized calendar orders include free 7-business-day delivery. Or you can upgrade to a 3-day delivery. Then flip the pages and enjoy the memories!

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