Why Shipping to Canada Makes Sense

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For many businesses wanting to expand internationally, shipping to Canada just makes sense. Our friendly neighbor to the north is the No. 1 trading partner to the U.S. and the top export destination, with $266 billion total in goods exported there in 2016.1 And because we share not just a language but a border, that common ground — literally — gives U.S. businesses a convenient way in when it comes to moving packages into the country.

Once you establish a market in Canada, you'll need an affordable way to ship packages to your customers there. FedEx International Ground® could be just what you need to extend your operation north and earn your own slice of the profit.

With the door-to-door service you get from FedEx International Ground, your shipments to Canada will arrive on schedule within days of pickup. Plus, flexible billing for customs means less money coming out of your pocket.


When your packages don't need to get there overnight, you can benefit from a dependable, day-definite service that lets you ship international at ground prices. You don't need to sacrifice dependability for affordability — FedEx International Ground is reliable and cost-effective. Plus, your shipment comes with a money-back guarantee.2 Check out the rates and transit times to your customers' destinations.


From Vancouver to Toronto, Windsor to Whitehorse, FedEx International Ground has you covered. The network reaches every business and residential address in all 10 Canadian provinces, plus Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Your shipments will typically reach Canada within 2–7 business days, based on the distance to your destination.

Once your package leaves the U.S., enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the visibility of end-to-end tracking. Enter up to 30 tracking numbers directly into the tracking feature on fedex.com, or log in to FedEx® Tracking for more powerful capabilities. Nickname your packages, create a personal watch list and filter your shipments based on the info you need. Once the package arrives, you can even view proof of delivery, including the signature of your recipient.


When it's time to do your customs paperwork and billing, you've got plenty of options. More choices mean more freedom to run your operations in a way that works for you.

Select brokerage-inclusive shipping and we'll process your paperwork while your shipment is in transit. That means fast customs clearance — good news for you and for your customers. With brokerage-inclusive services, you can bill duties, taxes and clearance entry fees to the party responsible for the charge, whether that's you, your recipient or a third party.

Or you can use your own broker for customs clearance and store your broker information in a customizable database for handy reuse on subsequent shipments.

Handling your own paperwork? Simplify the process and save time by using FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents to electronically send required documents to customs in the destination country. Many countries accept this method of submitting paperwork.

Sending your documentation electronically before your shipment arrives can help quicken the customs process. Plus, if additional information is needed, you can avoid delays by responding to those inquiries while your shipment is still in transit.

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Consolidate Shipments for More Savings

If your business ships multiple packages daily (at least 10 on average) to multiple recipients in Canada, simplify the process and save time and money by letting FedEx International Ground® Consolidation handle it for you. We provide cost-efficient ground shipping in just 3–5 business days, automatic consolidation and simplified document preparation. Here’s how it works:

  1. You create billing labels for each recipient and ship your packages as usual.
  2. We route all eligible packages to the same gateway in the U.S. and consolidate them into one combined package or palletized shipment.
  3. We send the shipment through customs as a single entity.
  4. Once your consolidated shipment passes through customs, we separate it in Canada and ship the individual packages to each recipient’s address.

You benefit by needing to prepare only one set of documents. Plus, you pay brokerage fees for processing only a single shipment.

Get started simplifying your shipping with FedEx International Ground Consolidation by contacting your account executive today.

Benefits of expanding to Canada

Broadening your income potential by extending your market reach is smart business. And with FedEx International Ground, your bottom line will grow, with one benefit leading to another:

  • Make money by selling to a broader customer base.
  • Save money with economical rates for international shipping.
  • Enhance customer loyalty with reliable, on-time delivery.
  • Enjoy the ease of consolidated shipping.

Easy international exporting

For more information on how to make shipping north a breeze for your company, go to the FedEx International Ground page.


1U.S.-Canada Trade Facts. Office of the United States Trade Representative.
2The money-back guarantee does not include clearance delays or clearance entry fees and only applies if you choose the brokerage-inclusive option. For more information, see the Service Guide.

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