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Secure Paper Shredding: A Tax Season Solution

Tax season is fast approaching — and then comes post–tax season: when you find yourself staring at heaps of private and financial documents, wondering what to do with them now.

How do you dispose of items such as W-2s, paystubs and canceled personal checks? What's your plan for handling documents that contain sensitive information, like credit card account and Social Security numbers, without placing yourself at risk for identity theft?

In-home paper shredders are one possible solution, but they tend to have a very limited capacity. Overflows can cause jams or even break the machine. And if you've ever fed a tall stack of papers through a low-volume paper shredder three or four sheets at a time, you know how the hours — and frustrations — can add up.

Maybe your company is too small to contract with a secure paper disposal company. Maybe you'd need its services too infrequently to justify the expense. Maybe you just don't want to make the commitment.

But wouldn't it be nice to securely shred as much as you wanted, whenever you wanted, on a purely as-needed basis? No contracts. No hassle. Just the shortest possible path between your documents and a full, safe, foolproof disposal.

Now you can.

Recently, FedEx took our shredding program nationwide. We've teamed up with Iron Mountain, the records management and paper shredding company, to bring you a reliable, convenient experience. It's a perfect solution for small or midsize businesses, or consumers with boxes of old files cluttering up their closets.

Bring your sensitive documents to your nearest FedEx Office location. We'll handle the rest:

  • A team member weighs your documents. Shredding costs only 79 cents per pound.
  • Without leaving your line of sight, the materials go inside a locked box.
  • This box is retrieved by an Iron Mountain specialist.
  • At a secure facility, your documents are mingled, shredded and sent for recycling.

That's it. Rest easy. From your hands to the paper processing plant, your crucial information remains securely under wraps.

Protect yourself — and your documents

To find your nearest FedEx Office location, click here.

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