Profit-minded Packaging

Catullo Prime Meats uses packaging to carve out more business

Catullo Meat lab

When Danny Catullo applied to the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, he knew that any winnings would go toward new packaging. And he was a winner. A couple years later, his new packaging proves that his prime beef can go the distance. Today he's helping other small businesses tackle their challenges with shipping perishables.

Learn from Danny

Packaging secrets: How the cookie doesn't crumble

Packing customer's cookies

For Whimsy Cookie entrepreneurs, Laurie Suriff and Collins Tuohy, it was unacceptable for customers to open their much-anticipated box of cookies and see one broken. They attributed it to the packaging and knew they could do better. After working with packaging experts, nearly 100 percent of their cookies reach their customers in pristine condition. Today, opening a box of their cookies is as exciting as walking into their retail store.

Find out how they did it

Realize savings: Understand dimensional weight

Learning to package efficiently

In a world of weight-based shipping, products are packed in the most convenient box. If there’s extra space, it’s filled with air or paper. That’s why many shipping companies, including FedEx, are promoting efficiency by applying dimensional weight pricing. Because it uses weight and size to calculate price, you can save by right-sizing your shipments.

Learn to size right

Design packages to reduce damages: 4 tips for packing it right

Packing it right

If you want satisfied customers and repeat business, your products need to arrive intact. Let our experts tell you how to:
1. Choose the right box
2. Cushion your product
3. Position it correctly
4. Seal your box

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The expert's 9 tips for saving money with your packaging

9 tips to save money while packing

Packaging Engineer Dave Nelson has tackled packaging puzzles for everything from quarter-million-dollar IndyCar engines and 75-cent coffee mugs, to luxury chocolates and artisanal cookies. And he’s ready to help you put the pieces together. See Dave’s 9 tips for saving money with your packaging, starting with planning ahead — far ahead.

Take advantage of Dave’s expertise

Got questions about packaging?

Packaging questions

Check out the frequently asked questions and answers for topics like dimensional weight and packaging resources.

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Weigh in on dimensional weight

Learn about dimensional weight

If you use FedEx Express or FedEx Ground for shipments, use our calculator to determine dimensional weight. Then you can make the most cost-effective shipping decision.

Calculate dimension weight

Pack, seal and label shipments right

Pack, seal, and label shipments

Want your shipment to travel strong? It all starts with proper packing, sealing, and taping — H-taping that is. Watch this helpful video to compare your technique to the pro's.

Compare your technique

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