Need to Integrate Multiple Online Stores?

The good news: Your products are available across a variety of online stores. And you're constantly shipping purchases to consumers from sites such as Amazon, eBay, Google Checkout, Etsy and Sears.

But, sometimes, filling orders for multiple online stores can take far too much of your time.

The great news: FedEx has one solution that can help you manage all of your online shipments on one convenient site.

Try Integration Manager: an easy-to-use, interactive tool for the online e-tailer that consolidates shipment data from multiple stores onto one web page — automatically. You'll literally save hours on shipping-related tasks. Hours you can apply to other aspects of helping your e-commerce business grow.

Get started

To begin, go to and click the Ship tab. On the far right of the Ship screen, choose Integration Manager. You'll land on our Integration Manager web page. There you'll find easy instructions for using the service. Take a few moments to watch the introductory video.

Once you're registered and ready to go, the next steps will wow you. Simply enter your e-commerce providers' account information once. After that, Integration Manager will automatically gather and consolidate your orders each time you log in.

With far fewer keystrokes you can quickly and easily:

  • Print shipping labels.
  • Distribute tracking numbers and shipping costs.
  • Ensure shipment and delivery notifications.

For every shipment, address data flows automatically into Integration Manager and tracking numbers are instantly returned to you. No wonder you can now enjoy more time in your day!

Concerned about needing a new software system? Rest assured: Integration Manager syncs up smoothly with nearly every software.

Easy access to top e-stores

These online stores are currently part of our Integration Manager solution, with more scheduled to join soon:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google Checkout
  • Yahoo! Small Business
  • Etsy
  • ProStores
  • Sears

Prepare to see your relationship with each store become easier to manage. Integration Manager automatically informs online store managers of shipping status, making it easier for them to track what's been processed for their customers. That's a win-win-win for everybody.

Increase productivity

There's no question you'll decrease the time you spend on manual data entry. Integration Manager can help you simplify your daily tasks and enhance data sharing. Bottom line, prepare for increased productivity:

  • Reduce data entry and errors. No more cutting and pasting or importing and exporting of information.
  • Reduce work duplication. The system automatically transfers your customer data to all requisite forms, reducing duplication of effort, and saving you time and money.
  • Speed review and processing. See everything in a single online location for fast, easy review.
  • Stay up to date. The latest customer information will always be right at your fingertips. And tracking and billing details will automatically disseminate to the people or departments you've designated, keeping your e-commerce system up to date at all times.

It's free

Yes, you can improve your productivity and gain more time — for free. So check out this interactive tool now. And see what a difference one easy shipping solution can make in efficiently managing so many critical steps in your shipping process. Just go to

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