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Print From Your Virtual Office

As working remotely booms in popularity, so does the need for wireless access to your files. When you want your document printed, even on the go, FedEx Office brings the solutions to you. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, FedEx Office will "pull your files out of the cloud" and onto paper.

Virtual reality
Your office might be virtual, but your needs aren't. With FedEx Office® Print Online and the new direct connection to Google Docs, you can print your project wherever you are, whenever. Whether you save your reports to a laptop or the cloud, you can quickly print them using our online tools.

We'll print your documents and deliver them across town or across the country. Or you can pick up your project at the FedEx Office location nearest to you.

Other on-the-go options:

  • FedEx Office® Print & Go. Print directly from your USB flash drive or smartphone to a printer at one of our 1,800-plus FedEx Office locations nationwide. Just plug in your flash drive to the USB port and print your files. Or send your files to one of our self-service printers using the HP ePrint application on your smartphone, and print in just a few clicks.
  • Wi-Fi internet access. Turn your nearby FedEx Office location into your "office away from the office." Check email, revise documents, print a report, or surf the web from your own computer. We give you access to the right technology when you need it.

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