Take Back Time

Does this quote by motivational speaker Jim Rohn hit home? “We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can to spend minor time on major things.” His message is clear: Don’t waste time.

You process hundreds of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments every day. Maybe more. Some orders are like clockwork. Others are more diverse. You handwrite a Bill of Lading for each shipment, manually create shipping labels, and check and recheck your customers’ mailing addresses.

Things can get complicated, and a minute wasted can turn into hours lost. If you had an opportunity to complete your tasks more quickly, wouldn’t you take it?

Here’s how you can perform your LTL shipping tasks faster, ensure consistency and reduce errors. And it’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t taken this step long ago. It’s called FedEx Ship Manager® Software and it will help streamline your shipping process.

Saving time and money is crucial ― especially during the holidays. Implementing FedEx Ship Manager Software into your business model now will help make your shipment processing run more efficiently and smoothly when it matters most.  

All in one place
FedEx Ship Manager Software is a solution you install right onto your desktop, so you don’t need to be online to process your shipments. It helps you save time by enabling you to:

  • Control your costs. See price points and set shipping defaults to specific FedEx® services and options.
  • Generate Bills of Lading and shipping labels for packages and freight shipments.  When you ship the same types of shipments to the same recipients, you can create shipping profiles for those customers. Then with just a click of the mouse, the Bill of Lading and shipping label are created. You’ll like not having to handwrite the information or re-input data each time you schedule a pickup.
  • Synchronize your address book. Store thousands of names and addresses so the entire company is working with the same data. And when you import or export address information between systems, FedEx Ship Manager Software ensures your information accurately transfers.
  • Get transit times. Know right away the time it will take for your package or freight shipment to reach its destination.
  • Customize reports. You can create more than 25 customizable report templates by selecting the data fields you want to download.
  • Restrict who ships on your accounts. You’ll appreciate knowing only certain people in your company are allowed access to this shipping tool based on your security needs.
  • Share databases. FedEx Ship Manager Software can support up to five computers on a single network, enabling better inventory control and shipping transparency.
  • Create a hold file. Store information for pending shipments or for shipments you plan to repeat.
  • Generate email notifications automatically to your customers so you don’t have to. You indicate who needs to know when shipments are on their way, when they’re affected by a critical shipping event and when they’ve been delivered.

Check out this chart for other timesaving tools FedEx Ship Manager Software provides.

Ship faster
Installing FedEx Ship Manager Software onto your computer is easy. And it takes only minutes to set up your system. Then you’re ready to start shipping.

Watch this tutorial video to see exactly how FedEx Ship Manager Software will help simplify your shipping tasks. Now you just need to figure out what to do with all the time you’ll save.

Act now
Contact your account executive today and enjoy a lighter load tomorrow.

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