2 New Freight Centers in Mexico Help You Reach More Cities Faster

If you've never done business in Mexico, or have only traded on occasion, now's the time to build your customer base with your southern neighbor.

After all, Mexico is one of the leading importers of U.S. products. It's close, easy to access and familiar. And since most logistics professionals in Mexico are bilingual, language barriers rarely interfere.

So why now? The opening of two new freight centers — one in the Southern Pacific region of Mexico and the other in the Central region — makes trading even easier than before. Because now, whether you ship into or out of Mexico, or within the country, you can reach more cities in fewer days.

And if you're concerned about shipping in a foreign country, rest assured: Our exclusive strategic alliance with transportation service provider Auto Lineas America (ALA) means you'll get the same reliable shipping experience that you currently enjoy with U.S. FedEx Freight® services.

Here's what our new centers offer you:

Located in the northern portion of Sinaloa, Culiacan is the direct line between Baja, Calif., and much of the Southern Pacific region of Mexico. We added this center to help direct shipments moving from Guadalajara, Jalisco (which is farther south), to the U.S. border and within Mexico.

What does this new center mean to you?

  • Faster transit times. Your shipments to the major cities in the Southern Pacific region will arrive in the major cities at least 2 days earlier.
  • More reliable. You can trust that we'll deliver your shipment on schedule, whether you're shipping across the border or intra-Mexico.
  • Farther reach. You'll have access to more cities within Mexico.

The second new center is located in Silao in the state of Guanajuato near the center of Mexico. Built to support the area's growing industrial movement, mainly in the automotive corridor, this new service center will lessen the demand on current centers at Aguascalientes and Queretaro. For you, this translates into greater improvements for your business:

  • Quicker response times. Same-day pickup is available in Silao. In the neighboring centers, next-day pickup is the earliest option.
  • Faster transit times. Your shipments will reach their destination 1 to 2 days faster in that coverage area.
  • Improved service. The new center will add more pickup and delivery coverage to accommodate the upsurge of automotive suppliers moving into the area.

The same reliable service
You rely on FedEx Freight to deliver your product on time within the U.S. You trust our all-points service and coast-to-coast coverage. You can expect the same reliable service with FedEx Freight Mexico.

The largest transportation group in Mexico, ALA has logged more than 50 years of experience in the Mexican market. Our exclusive relationship means you'll benefit from their reliable cross-docks and transport equipment. Via ALA, FedEx Freight Mexico provides pickup and delivery service to and from destinations throughout Mexico. Using FedEx Freight operations systems across the Mexico network, your experience will be seamless.

FedEx advanced technology offers you the same commitment to quality, on-time service and fast transit times in Mexico as you get in the U.S. Scheduling a pickup, tracking your shipment's status, monitoring your account — the procedures are the same, so there's no learning curve for you. Plus, you'll appreciate the single-invoice capabilities and bilingual customer service options.

Learn more 
Go to FedEx Freight International Service for more information about expanding your business into Mexico.

  • You can also contact your account executive or call our international customer service at these numbers:
    • From the U.S., call 1.866.393.4685 or 1.866.232.2942 (bilingual).
    • From Mexico, call 1.866.232.2942 (bilingual).

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