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Keep Your Large-Volume Shipments at a Low-Cost Price

Everyone likes to save money. So when you can spare extra days on your large-volume LTL (less-than-truckload) freight shipments, take advantage of our FedEx Freight volume services options. You'll get a price based on your needs and our availability.1

Save on shipping costs
The rates for standard LTL freight shipments are based in part on the shipment's freight class, size and weight, and liability coverage. If you ship a large number of skids, or heavy or oversized items that take up a majority of the trailer space, shipping companies assess capacity charges on top of that rate. And this can be costly.

But you still need your large-volume LTL freight delivered. Must you pay higher rates for your large, heavy or odd-size and -shape freight? Absolutely not.

If you're unsure how to get your shipment to its destination and save money, we have the answer: FedEx Freight volume services.

Reduced pricing
If we have the space available and we're traveling to where you need your freight delivered, we can offer you a lower rate based on available capacity. This efficient use of time and capacity allows us to pass the related savings along to our customers.

We can lower your rates even more because FedEx Freight volume services don't use freight class to determine your price. By eliminating the freight class pricing, we reduce the amount of liability insurance assessed on your shipment to a standard $1 per pound for Excess Capacity (TLX) and Truckload Advantage (TLA) service options, regardless of the product. However, if you require higher coverage, we can do that, too.

Multiple options, same reliable service
FedEx Freight volume services, when applicable, offer different options for different needs.2 With each of the following services you could benefit from reduced pricing. You choose the option that fits your schedule and pricing objectives:

  • Excess Capacity (TLX) shipments move as space becomes available. Use this service when you want the best price possible and when timing isn't a priority. Transit times depend on available capacity. Liability coverage for your product is a maximum of $1 per pound per package.
  • Truckload Advantage (TLA) shipments move at double the standard FedEx Freight® Economy transit time. Use this service when you need your shipment to arrive within a certain number of days, but you have more time to spare than with a standard shipment. Liability coverage is a maximum of $1 per pound per package.
  • Truckload Service (TLS) shipments move at the same transit time as a standard FedEx Freight Economy shipment. Use this service when your shipment needs to reach its destination within a specific delivery date. Liability coverage is a maximum of $25 per pound per package.

FedEx Freight volume services pricing isn't just for one-time shipments, either. You can also negotiate rates for your regular ongoing shipments that don't require definite-day delivery and fit within the program's guidelines.

Service features and benefits
Each of the options offers features and benefits that help make shipping your high-volume shipments cost-effective:

  • Service coverage area is throughout the contiguous U.S., and between the U.S. and direct points in Canada, depending on available capacity.
  • Transit times depend on the selected service and available truckload capacity.
  • Service restrictions are minimal. Your shipments must be 10 linear feet or greater and between 4,000 lbs. and 24,000 lbs. for a single pup trailer or between 4,000 lbs. and 44,000 lbs. for a set of trailers.
  • Online visibility enables you to track the status of your shipments 24 hours
    a day.
  • Specialized treatment is standard from our team of FedEx Freight volume services representatives who work directly with you to negotiate rates based on your specific needs and our available capacity.

How to get started
Pricing of your large-volume shipments must be prearranged with a FedEx Freight volume services representative before you schedule your pickup. It's easy.

  • Call FedEx Freight volume services at 1.888.465.5646. A representative will price your shipment based on the space you need, the shipments' origin and destination, and our available capacity.
  • Go to FedEx Freight volume services to get a rate quote from the information you input. Note: If you're on the Get FedEx Freight Rates site, make sure to click the "Truckload Rates" tab, where you can input the information on your large-volume shipments.
  • Email and a FedEx Freight volume services representative will respond with a price quote.

You'll receive a quote number to include on the Bill of Lading when we pick up
your shipment.

Learn more
Go to FedEx Freight volume services for more information.

1All rate quotes are negotiable based on the available truck capacity. Base rate discounts on your freight shipments do not apply.

2All services are subject to the terms and conditions of the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff.

The FedEx Freight No-Fee Money-Back Guarantee does not apply.

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