Save Big on Your Noncritical Large-Volume Shipping Needs

Tired of freight classification disputes? Tired of paying high prices for LTL? Why not purchase space on the trailer with multiple liability options?

If you’ve ever flown standby, you know it can be an easy and effective way to save money while traveling. Based on a prearranged agreement with the airlines, you can often get a discount on the price of airfare by waiting until space is available on the aircraft.

You can make the same arrangement with FedEx Freight for your larger less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. If your delivery needs aren’t time-sensitive, you can request “standby” pricing for space on a FedEx Freight truck.

Our team can work with you to get a discounted rate on shipments that, typically, would cost more to ship because of their weight, shape and/or size. This option is available for shipments that fill 10 linear feet of trailer space or greater, or weigh more than 4,000 lbs.

Big savings

The price for a standard freight shipment is based on freight classification, the size and weight of your shipment, and the value of the shipment. For large, heavy, odd-sized and -shaped shipments that take up most or all of the trailer’s space, carriers assess capacity charges on top of this rate.

But with FedEx Freight® volume services, you benefit from reduced pricing based on your needs and our availability. We also take into consideration the origin and destination of your shipment, and the shipment’s value.1

Want more cost savings?

You can also use FedEx Freight volume services for your standard LTL shipments when you can trade even more time for savings.

Plus, why pay a third-party carrier extra to coordinate your shipments? Call or email us directly for a great rate. FedEx Freight volume services will respond immediately with options so you’ll only pay for the space that you need.

Have space, will travel

You can choose from three delivery options to fit your scheduling and cost needs:2

  • Excess capacity (TLX) shipments move as backhaul space is available and is not subject to service standards. The liability of FedEx Freight will not exceed $2 per pound per package with a maximum liability of $10,000 per occurrence.
  • Truckload advantage (TLA) shipments move at twice the standard FedEx Freight® Economy transit time. Use this service when your shipment must arrive within a certain number of days, but you have more time to spare than with a standard shipment. The liability of FedEx Freight will not exceed $25 per pound per package with a maximum liability of $75,000 per occurrence.
  • Truckload service (TLS) shipments move at the same transit time as a standard FedEx Freight Economy shipment. Use this service when your shipment must reach its destination by a specific delivery date. The liability of FedEx Freight will not exceed $25 per pound per package with a maximum liability of $100,000 per occurrence.

3 scenarios

Sound interesting? Here are three ways companies use these services to save money on shipments:

  • ABC Company is shipping 10,000 lbs. of freight. The shipping need isn’t time-sensitive, so rather than pay full price for an LTL pickup and delivery, the company selects the TLX option.
  • LMN Company requires a 28-foot trailer for its freight. While the delivery time isn’t critical, the shipment must arrive within 2 weeks. Since it’s a full pup-load, LTL isn’t an option, but the company wants to use FedEx Freight, so it chooses the TLA solution for delivery and this option has the benefit of additional liability coverage.
  • XYZ Company has a high value shipment and needs its full pup-load of freight delivered by the end of the week. Because the shipment is too large for LTL delivery and timing is essential and the customer needs additional liability coverage, the company selects the TLS option.


FedEx Freight volume services offer:

  • Competitive rates based on your needs and our availability.1
  • Extensive coverage throughout the contiguous U.S., and between the U.S. and direct points in Canada, depending on available capacity.
  • Easy options for requesting a quote: online, by phone or via email.
  • Dedicated service representatives who work directly with you.
  • End-to-end visibility of the status of your shipments, 24 hours a day.

Call today for your discounted rate

Pricing of your large-volume shipments must be prearranged with a FedEx Freight volume services representative before you schedule your pickup. There are three easy ways to get started:

  • Call 1.888.465.5646. A representative will price your shipment based on the space you need, the shipments' origin and destination, and our available capacity.
  • Go to FedEx Freight volume services to enter shipment information and get a rate quote. Note: If you're on the Get FedEx Freight Rates site, make sure to click the "Truckload Rates" tab for quotes on large-volume shipments.
  • Email and a FedEx Freight volume services representative will respond with a price quote.

You'll receive a quote number to include on the Bill of Lading when we pick up your shipment.

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1All rate quotes are negotiable based on the available truck capacity. Base rate discounts on your freight shipments do not apply.

2All FedEx Freight services are subject to the terms and conditions of the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff.

The FedEx Freight no-fee money-back guarantee does not apply.

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