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We'll provide resources to help you manage your business more efficiently and stay up to date on what's going on in the world of wine.

Tools & resources

Take advantage of information and tools that help make shipping with FedEx fast, easy and convenient. 

State pairing guide

The FedEx Wine Shipping State Pairing Guide identifies where FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are licensed to transport wine shipments from licensed shippers to consumers and to other licensees. The state pairing guide does not apply to shipments from licensed retailers. Licensed retailers are responsible for knowing which states are open to them for shipping. Following are explanations of some of the terms used to describe the different types of transactions.

Wine shipping to consumers

  • Intrastate: Wine shipping that originates and terminates in the same state.
  • Off-site: A wine shipment purchased by a consumer via phone, fax, online Web site or wine club that is then shipped to the consumer’s home state.
  • On-site: A wine shipment purchased in person by a consumer at a winery or tasting room that is then shipped to the consumer’s home state.

Shipping to licensees

  • Licensee. A legal entity that holds an alcohol license and is permitted to manufacture and/or sell wine. A licensee can be a winery, distributor, retailer, consolidator, importer or exporter.

International wine shipping guide

For helpful information concerning country-specific requirements, restrictions, and importation laws — as well as an exhibit of and instructions for completing the Simplified Export Certificate for U.S. Wine for Export to the European Community — please refer to the FedEx International Wine Shipping Guide.

Customized Commercial Invoice

To help facilitate the customs clearance of your wine shipments, please use our special customized Commercial Invoice.

U.S.-to-Canada Licensee-to-Consumer FAQs

Answers to all your questions concerning the ins and outs of licensee-to-consumer wine shipping from the U.S. to Canada. Open the FAQs

U.S.-to-Canada Licensee-to-Consumer Direct Purchase Process

The direct-purchase process enables licensee-to-consumer shipping by consigning the shipment to the customer, delivering it in care of the destination provincial liquor control authority. Open the flowchart.

U.S.-to-Ontario Licensee-to-Consumer Private Ordering Process

The private-ordering process was established by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) to enable Ontario residents to import wine not available in LCBO stores. Open the flowchart.

U.S.-to-Canada Wine Shipping Calculator

Use this spreadsheet application to determine the total landed in Canadian dollars — that includes a breakdown of all applicable duties and taxes — for a wine shipment. Open or save the calculator.

FedEx packaging services

As mentioned in the requirements section of this site, your wine shipment must meet FedEx packaging requirements. That’s where FedEx Packaging Services comes in. This group offers a variety of design, testing and engineering information services that can improve your packaging strategies, better protect your products, help prevent delivery delays, and save you time and money. 

In addition to submitting samples of your packaging to FedEx Packaging Services for testing and design assistance, you can also receive on-site support. Our nationwide team of field packaging engineers can help evaluate your current package design and offer suggestions for appropriate packing and transit options. You can contact a FedEx field packaging engineer at or request a referral from your FedEx account executive.

Wine tools

  • Active Club Management. An e-commerce software solution that helps you comply with the lengthy regulatory reporting and processing required for wine club shipments.
  • ShipCompliant — one of the FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program providers — provides wine shipping tools that can help you better manage your wine shipping business. 
  • Tasting room map. Create a printable map customized to your company’s wine shipping policies. Use it to reduce confusion on where you ship, and prevent long lines in the tasting room.
  • State breakeven calculator. Calculate the number of orders required to break even against license, tax and report generation costs when you’re considering opening a new state for licensee-to-consumer shipping.
  • Volume converter. Convert liters to gallons, gallons to cases, cases to mL, and more.

Shipping Alcohol using

We are pleased to let you know that creating alcohol shipping labels with FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® is now easier than ever thanks to new enhancements for shipments within the United States.

Instead of entering $AW and selecting "Adult signature required," just click on the "Alcohol" checkbox and FedEx will automatically enter the information for you.

Follow these steps for faster, more convenient shipping:

  1. When creating your shipping label with FedEx Ship Manager® at, click "Edit" next to "Special Services" in the Billing Details section. When the section expands, click the "Alcohol" checkbox. You may also enter a reference for the alcohol shipment in the "Your reference" field. In this example, the reference is Merlot.

  2. Once you click the "Alcohol" checkbox, FedEx® Delivery Signature Options will automatically select "Adult signature required" since all alcohol shipments require an adult signature for the package.

  3. After you click the "Ship" button, you will be asked to confirm your shipment details. Here, you can see that "Special Services" lists "Alcohol" and "Adult signature required," as well as any reference that was made on the shipping entry screen.

  4. When you view your shipping label, you will see the "$AW" reference code that represents an alcohol shipment and any reference that was made on the shipping entry screen (e.g., Merlot).


The following resources will help you navigate the ins and outs of licensee-to-consumer wine shipping to Canada.

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