How to Prep Your Mail Shipments

Packaging Your Mail Items

Make sure your items meet these specific international postal standards and regulations.

Do not use FedEx® Envelopes, FedEx® Paks or FedEx® Boxes for your individual FedEx International MailService items. Enclose printed items in sealed envelopes with a tab closure at minimum on the longest side, or clear polywrap. Enclose packets and parcels in packaging of sufficient size and strength to prevent tearing and opening of the package during transport.

Maximum weight per item is 50 lbs.

Follow the minimum and maximum size limits per item established by international postal standards:

Mail Types (Dimensions in inches)

Maximum Total of

Type of Mail Minimum Maximum Maximum Total of
Postcards 3.5 x 5.5 4.75 x 9.25 15
Letters and Flats 3.5 x 5.5 10 x 23.25 35
Brochures and Catalogs 3.5 x 5.5 10 x 23.5 35
Packets and Parcels 3.5 x 5.5 39.25 x 41.25 118


Duties and Taxes for Nonprinted Matter
When your mail enters the destination country, postal customs and excise authorities will assess the contents to determine any duty and/or taxes required. The addressee must pay the required import fees when the shipment is delivered to the recipient.

Customs and excise agents in the destination country interpret the contents and assess their value against the declared value as presented by the sender. The authorities have complete discretion in assessing the value of your items and the corresponding required fees. FedEx has no authority or ability to intercede or make subsequent declarations on your behalf.

Required Documents
Nonprinted matter items must be accompanied by either a CN22 form or a Commercial Invoice:

  • CN22: for nonprinted matter mail items weighing less than 4.4 lbs. and with a declared value less than US$400
    Attach a CN22 Customs Declaration to each individual piece of mail. Preprint the CN22 on your packaging (combined as part of the address label), or affix it in clean and readable stamped text, or apply it as a self-adhesive label attached to each package.
  • Commercial Invoice (CI): for nonprinted matter mail items weighing more than 4.4 lbs. or with a declared value greater than US$400
    Attach three copies of a Commercial Invoice, enclosed in a pouch or envelope, to the outside of each individual mail item. If you do not have your own Commercial Invoice format to use, FIMS sponsors label creation options which include, as part of the address label, the appropriate CN22 or CI. 

How to Address Your Mail

Mail may be undeliverable in most countries without a complete and accurate address (i.e., full name and address of the recipient and sender). Please verify that your address sections are correct and complete.

To take the guess work out of creating FIMS address labels combined with the appropriate postal customs documentation, FedEx FIMS offers various options shippers can utilize to create piece-level address labels.  FIMS piece-level address label creation can be integrated with FedEx Ship Manager (FSM), with the addition of an FXI script by contacting your FedEx account executive.  Or with log-in credentials, address labels and customs documentation can be created at our FIMS sponsored websites.

For the FIMS Premium plus Mail View® service option once log-in credentials have been provided, log in at in order to create and print your FIMS piece-level postal labels and customs documentation (this will include the piece-level CN22 or CI).   The FedEx International Mail View® service option provides online visibility into mail movement, allowing shippers to track the status of shipments to those countries that scan and report postal ID data.                                                                           

For the FIMS Standard and Premium service options once log-in credentials have been provided, log in at in order to create and print FIMS piece-level postal labels and customs documentation (this will include the piece-level CN22 or CI).


Recipient Address
The postal label must be printed or typed with the complete, correct recipient address and full name in clear text, at least 10 points in size, in Roman characters with the country name clearly printed as the last item in the address block. Position it in an area similar in size and location to standards used for domestic mail in your country.

Return Address
The postal label must be clearly printed or typed with the complete sender address and full name. The return address must not originate in the same country as the recipient unless you are using one of our direct injection services  (see Custom Distribution Services). Please note the return address listed on the address label will be used to return all undeliverable items received from destination posts.

A number of systems can evaluate and identify format and/or variants from accepted international postal addressing. FedEx International MailService can, upon demand, evaluate your mailing list and/or address files regarding their general deliverability (see Data Services). We also provide address completion and verification services (see Data Services) and the potential to correct incomplete or incorrect addresses before they are printed and mailed.

What We Do for You: Stamps
Every mail item must be stamped with a postal imprint or “postal indicia.” The indicia tells the receiving postal administration that proper postage and/or a postal permit exists to allow the items to enter the domestic mail delivery network.

FedEx International MailService works with the Swedish Post (Posten AB) to provide the highest-quality international mail service. Each mail item is imprinted with Posten AB’s postal indicia as illustrated below. This indicia indicates to the receiving postal administration that Swedish Post is presenting and charged for the delivery of your mail items.

Swedish Post (Posten AB)

We apply these postal indicia as part of the normal mail processing at the FedEx International MailService center.

FedEx International MailService days are Monday–Friday. Delivery times include either 4–7 (Premium service) or 7–11 (Standard service) international business days from pickup to handoff to all countries with a postal system. Delivery times to final recipients vary by country based on normal domestic processing within the destination country post.

Contact FedEx International MailService Customer Service if:

  • You don’t have a FedEx account executive and want to be contacted by one.
  • You have any other questions.


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