Open Your Business to Customers Around the Globe

Free trade agreements make it easier to expand your business across borders. At FedEx, we help you connect with new customers across borders by championing policies and agreements that remove barriers to international trade. Countries with Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have lower duties and taxes, along with lower tariffs, or in some cases, no tariffs at all. Plus, you'll benefit from improved Customs regimes. Currently, the U.S. has 14 FTAs with 20 countries — that's 20 new markets you could easily be doing business with. 

What FTAs can do for you

An FTA is a government-negotiated pact between two countries or regions in which both agree to lift or eliminate most tariffs, quotas, duties and taxes, and other barriers that might discourage trade. These agreements open new markets for businesses within these countries by making it simpler and faster to do business internationally. 

Click here to learn more about FTAs.

The conclusion and passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will make it easier for you to do business with customers in 11 Asian Pacific countries and the entire European Union. FedEx knows how critical these new customers are to your business. Trade agreements will help streamline the export process and expand your business. Since you're a small business that exports to global markets, we encourage you to join FedEx in supporting the current trade agenda. Find out why we're supporting TPA, TPP and TIPP and more importantly, how you can get involved too.

Resources for current trade initiatives


Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador


South Korea


Expand your business to South Korea

Welcome to new opportunities with the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS). Almost 80% of U.S. industrial goods exported to South Korea are duty-free with this agreement. In fact, KORUS is especially beneficial to these industries: aerospace, agricultural equipment, chemicals, medical and scientific equipment, machinery, and more. Click the industry to see specific benefits.

KORUS gives your business stronger protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in South Korea, and access to South Korea’s $580 billion services market.

Connect with customers in Colombia and Panama

Access two of the largest and fastest-growing economies in Central and South America. More than 80% of U.S. exports of consumer and industrial products to Colombia and Panama are now duty-free, thanks to the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement and the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement. 

Most of these U.S. industry products have duty-free access to Colombia and Panama: construction equipment, auto parts, medical and scientific equipment, aircraft and parts, and more. Click to see more specific FTA benefits for Colombia and Panama.




Access these government sites, which provide valuable insight into what FTAs are and what they can do for your business. 

U.S. Commercial Service

FTA Tariff Tool

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative



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