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Less work on customs documents. More time to focus on your business.

Save time, paper, and money on international shipping when you complete and submit your customs documents online. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents eliminates the need for multiple copies and multiple steps. So, you experience simple customs clearance and peace of mind. 


With FedEx Electronic Trade Documents, you can:

Do it your way

Upload your own trade documents or use FedEx-generated ones. And you can customize your documents by uploading your letterhead and signature image.

Get started

Save time, money, and paper

Stop printing, signing, folding, stuffing, and attaching customs documents to each shipment. Start saving paper, time, and printing costs.

Peace of mind

Get a head start on customs clearance and submit your trade documents ahead of time to reduce your chance of customs delays. Plus, you’ll have the confidence that comes with pre-clearance assistance and proactive problem resolution.

View the FedEx Electronic Trade Documents checklist

Paperless processing

The FedEx paperless processing solution is aimed at reducing paper waste and creating more efficient ways of conducting business for our customers and employees. FedEx paperless processing is part of our sustainability initiative, EarthSmart, a FedEx commitment to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways.

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