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Is this how your workday goes?

You run an online sports apparel business. Every day you ship over a hundred items worldwide. Your inventory is moving fast — which you love. But you have three major challenges, and each one takes up precious time.

  • Because your inventory and shipping software systems run on different platforms and different computers — and the computers are located in separate areas of your warehouse — you’re never quite certain if you actually have the items you need to send to your customers.
  • Your internal system is separate from your shipping programs, and toggling back and forth between the two not only is tedious, but also contributes to input errors.
  • You offer your customers a selection of carriers, but keeping up with all the different shipping solutions is challenging and labor-intensive.

Calming the perfect storm
You don’t have to be in e-commerce to know how much easier your workday would be if all of your business systems talked to each other. If the programs you used all functioned the same way, or nearly the same. If you only had one system and one program to work with — but kept all the capabilities you value and could still offer your customers a variety of shipping options. And, most important, if you could do all this without having to pay for custom-written software that could take months to integrate.

You can — no matter what type of business you’re in. All of this is possible with FedEx Compatible. By choosing a FedEx Compatible third-party solution provider you will:

  • Simplify your business processes
  • Streamline your solutions
  • Eliminate the complexity of running multiple systems 
  • Reduce errors

Furthermore, because FedEx Compatible solutions align with your current processing system, you can skip extensive employee training. You’ll be shipping with the software your employees already use.

Built for simplicity
Here’s how it works: Third-party software providers develop programs that integrate several business software solutions into one. These high-performing software providers go through a certification process to ensure the software is the latest version and fully functioning before getting approved for FedEx Compatible. So you’ll be sure the shipping functionality provides the reliability you expect from FedEx — with easy access to FedEx shipping options and rates, fast processing, powerful tracking, and a broad array of services. 

Designed to conveniently integrate FedEx® functionality with your current system, these solutions eliminate the costly complexity of having to run multiple systems. You’ll save time and money while enjoying the simplicity of an integrated, multifunctional system. No more switching programs or re-entering information each time you need to prepare an order for shipping. 

So now your inventory management system shares information with your shipping program. You’ll know how much product you have in stock before you fill a customer’s order. And your customer service management system talks to both your inventory management and shipping programs. And so on.

With all this information-sharing going on, your workday will run that much more smoothly. You can relax and take care of the rest of your business.

Find the right match
More than 87 software providers are certified as FedEx Compatible, with 110 different shipping applications. You might already be using some of the integrated solutions in your everyday work process.

Start by going to Take a look at the categories to find the right one for your business:

  • Shopping Cart
  • E-tail Integrators
  • Order Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management

Then click through the filters to narrow down the list of software providers offering what you need. From there, check out the providers you’re interested in learning more about.

Want an integrated e-commerce solution that can host an online retail site, link directly with your QuickBooks software and create FedEx shipping labels? Consider eCommerce Connector, one of our top-tier FedEx Compatible solutions. Or choose Solid Commerce, which provides innovative web-based software for online retailers. Or On Demand Retail Management, another multifunctional solution for e-commerce merchants. Your options are numerous.

Whatever your needs — e-commerce, transportation management, order management, enterprise resource planning and more — we’ll help you find the right fit with FedEx Compatible solutions.

Make the move to an integrated system today
To learn more about simplifying your workday with integrated software solutions built to accommodate your needs, go to

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