Tips for Holiday Shipping

Take a listen. What do people talk about most this time of year?

        1. Losing too much time.
        2. Spending too much money.  

Here’s a solution for both: FedEx One Rate® pricing.

How can flat rate pricing help solve your time and money issues? We asked two FedEx managers, and they explain how you’ll save time in the checkout lane, money at the service counter and time with your package delivery. When you’re ready to ship the gifts you purchased, you’ll know why flat rate pricing is a great option.

Saving money
Stacy Rhodes, interim center manager at the FedEx Office® Ship Center in downtown Denver, has seen years of busy holidays. This is the second year FedEx has offered the FedEx One Rate pricing option, and Rhodes says its popularity is rapidly growing.

“Our volume of shipments has increased dramatically. It’s more than doubled,” she says. Her customers like the flat rate pricing option because their packages are shipped via FedEx Express® so they get the same great service at a greater value, and they save on the cost of packaging.

FedEx One Rate pricing is based on only three factors:1

  • Where you’re shipping your package.2
  • Which FedEx Express packaging you select.
  • Which FedEx Express 1-, 2- or 3-day package service you choose.

“I’m looking forward to this holiday season, to dive in deep with FedEx One Rate,” Rhodes says. “I explain to our customers that if it fits in a white FedEx Express package, they’re locked into the rate up to 50 lbs., and they love that. Plus, the packaging is free, so it’s more economical than having to purchase packaging on their own. FedEx One Rate is a wonderful thing.”

Saving time
With standard shipping, the price of your shipment is determined by, among other things, the dimensions and weight of your package. These are measured at the counter while you wait.

There’s no measuring with FedEx One Rate. When you’re at the counter, shipment in hand, you simply hand the items or the package to the FedEx team member, get your tracking number and go.

And because FedEx One Rate uses FedEx Express service, your shipment is delivered within 1 to 3 business days. You’ll be surprised at the time you save. 

Holiday shipping tips
Use the Holiday Shipping 2014 page on for information on the last days to ship, where to find FedEx locations, the exception to the money-back guarantee for holiday shipping, how to use Hold at FedEx Location and FedEx Delivery ManagerSM, and more.  

As operations manager for a FedEx location in Pharr, Texas, Darron Smith dispatches the couriers once the FedEx trucks are loaded with packages for delivery. The location also helps customers at its front counter, so Smith has seen a lot of packages coming and going in his 10 years with FedEx. Consider these holiday shipping tips from Smith:

  • Packaging. Use sturdy packaging to hold the weight of your items. Damp boxes or boxes that are ripped or torn are unfit for shipping. Put these boxes inside the free FedEx Express packaging for extra protection.
  • Cushioning. Fill the empty spaces with cushioning to protect the packaged items. 
  • Addressing. Double-check the address and phone number of your recipient to help ensure on-time delivery.
  • Safeguarding. Include the recipient’s delivery information inside the package, either on a separate piece of paper or written on the box’s inside flap. If the shipping label gets detached from the package, this precaution will enable a successful delivery.
  • Taping. Use packaging tape (not duct or masking tape) and make an “H” shape when taping the box shut.
  • Shipping. Ship your packages early to avoid the last-minute rush.

“But if you do have to ship last-minute, use FedEx so we can get it there for you,” Smith says. “We stand out from all of our competitors because of our brand of reliable service.”

Next time you’re at a FedEx Office location, be sure to ask the team members for more tips on holiday shipping.

Start shipping today
Take advantage of the savings you’ll get with the convenient FedEx One Rate flat rate pricing option.

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1Terms, conditions and weight limits apply. Proper packing required. See the FedEx Service Guide for details.
The flat rate is determined in part by three zones from origin to destination: generally 0–150 miles, 151–600 miles and 601-plus miles.

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