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If you're doing business across borders — or even considering it as a growth opportunity — check out Access. It's a unique online resource offering timely insights and intelligence on global trade opportunities.

Every month, we update the Access website with premium content. You'll find each section filled with useful information and inspirational stories.

  • The Access Briefing. A roundup of resources and articles focused on global trade.
  • Voices. Stimulating ideas and advice from leading business thinkers such as FedEx CEO, President and Chairman Fred Smith; authors Jonathan Zittrain and Richard Florida; and policy expert Joshua Meltzer from the Brookings Institution.
  • Smart Business. Smart tips from entrepreneurs. Discover how Katie Escheverry from Unique Vintage reached across borders to expand her customer base and supply chain.
  • Ideas by Region. Ways to more effectively access emerging markets. You'll learn from the experts at SCOLA why overcoming language barriers is critical to a successful global-trade campaign.

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Go to our website and sign up for a monthly email notification. We make it simple to learn about international opportunities, explore creative ideas, and stay abreast of major global trade policies and how they affect you.

Your success is important to us. When FedEx connects people and possibilities around the world, businesses prosper, jobs are created, communities flourish and people thrive. At FedEx, we call this the Access Effect, and we see it come to life every day in the U.S. and worldwide.

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