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Freight Tracking Made Simple

From the time your customers place an order to the time their freight arrives, they look to you to keep them updated on the delivery status. Make life easier for both of you with the FedEx® Tracking tool. It's a convenient, flexible way to manage all your shipping information.

FedEx Tracking lets you follow up to 30 shipments at a time. Get basic package-status info without even logging in, or use your FedEx account to access advanced features tailored to your needs.

The basics

Go to In the Track a Shipment module, enter the tracking number, door tag number or FedEx order number. Click "Track." Instantly view your shipping status, with a number of options:

  • Refresh and review: Save tracking numbers so you can quickly recheck shipping status on return visits.
  • Identify shipments: Assign nicknames to shipments. Eliminate confusion by labeling orders in a way that makes sense to you. You can even personalize them with your customers' names.
  • Create a watch list: Got important, time-sensitive shipments? You can choose to monitor them more closely. Plus, stay updated on shipments you think may experience delays due to circumstances such as inclement weather.
  • View shipment exceptions: In the rare case of clearance delays or delivery exceptions, the status will be highlighted in red.

Advanced tracking

For a richer, customizable experience, go to and choose Access FedEx Tracking from the Track tab. From there, you can log in using your user ID and password.

All of the basic features are at your disposal, along with tools to take your tracking to the next level:

  • Use calendar or list view. Choose how to display your shipping information. Calendar view organizes in-transit shipments by date. List view allows you to filter and sort orders based on your priorities. Toggle between the two as needed.
  • Customize filters. Screen out everything but the relevant information. Filter by reference number, shipment date, company name and other variables. You can also view and filter your shipments by inbound, outbound and third-party shipments.
  • Send email notifications. Send a notice to up to four email recipients about shipment status. Keep them informed:
    • When FedEx picks up a shipment
    • If an exception causes delays
    • About the current delivery status
    • When a shipment is delivered
  • Obtain proof of delivery. When your customer receives a FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® or FedEx Freight® shipment, you can view an image of their signature as confirmation.
  • Export shipment information. Keep the data for your records: Export shipment details into a spreadsheet in CSV or XML format.

    If you currently use FedEx InSight® and want the added benefits of FedEx Tracking, simply log in and start using the tool. All of the shipments tied to your account on FedEx InSight will automatically be visible within the FedEx Tracking tool.

    To gain detailed tracking information and access to FedEx Freight Bills of Lading, bill presentment and delivery receipts for new and additional account numbers, you'll need to first register them in FedEx InSight. FedEx validates all requests to protect the security of shipment information.

The benefits

With FedEx Tracking, you'll enjoy a smoother working experience — and more satisfied customers.

  • Decrease customer service calls. Greater visibility in the shipping process means fewer customer inquiries, freeing you and your staff to focus your energies elsewhere.
  • Reduce use of inventory-holding locations. Better shipment-status tracking leads to more control of your inventory, enabling you to satisfy customer needs while storing less stock.
  • Improve reliability and confidence. Added transparency means a greater degree of trust between you and your customer.

Track smarter

Empower your customers with the information they want, and they'll reward you with their loyalty. Get started now with the new FedEx Tracking module on the home page of

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