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Get Delivery Status on Any Device

It's reassuring to know the delivery time of all your important shipments, right? And the flexibility of tracking the status of the shipments via phone, computer, or tablet gives you the mobility you need, no matter where you are.

Track shipping status from your computer

  • Monitor multiple shipments online at Track the status of up to 30 package and freight shipments online at You can find out about your FedEx Office orders, too.

  • Track from your computer's desktop. FedEx Desktop helps you actively track shipments' status and will notify you of deliveries and delivery exceptions. Personalize the experience by naming your shipments, adding notes, or creating a shipment watch list.

  • Use FedEx Advanced Tracking at FedEx Advanced Tracking provides shipment-status updates in an easy-to-scan format, with search and filtering capabilities to help you find and export information. Just log in to My FedEx® and select the Advanced Tracking tab.

  • Use FedEx InSight®. To manage shipments across multiple locations and accounts, use FedEx InSight. This tracking solution for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight is ideal for moderate- to high-volume shippers of high-value shipments.

  • Use tracking or other reference number. Even without a tracking number, you can still track online at using your internal reference information. Select Track by Reference and just enter the invoice, purchase order, department, Return Material Authorization, or other reference number you provided at the time of shipment.

  • Track the status of FedEx Trade Networks® shipments. Businesses that ship globally can track their shipment status by going to the FedEx Trade Networks website and selecting the Track tab.

Track shipping status from your mobile device

  • Track using a smartphone or tablet. Access from your mobile device to track and manage shipping. Get status updates on shipments sent from your mobile device by clicking on the tracking number or enter tracking numbers. FedEx® Mobile for iPhone® and iPad® and FedEx Mobile for Android can even tie shipment information together on your smartphone and tablet. Any parcel and freight shipping label created with your account, added to FedEx Advanced Tracking or tracked with FedEx Desktop, will automatically appear.

Download the free app now to start tracking your shipments.


Track shipping status via phone

  • Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say "track a package" to check the status of your shipment.

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For additional information on shipment delivery and tracking a shipment's status, read the Frequently Asked Questions on the Customer Support Center website.

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