Farm-Fresh Flowers

Flower farm

Did you know? A fresh-cut flower while removed from its water source (the root system) and its major food source (the leaves on the plant) is still a living organism. And though its days are numbered, there are ways to extend its life.*

Shipping flowers in the fastest method possible helps ensure they reach recipients at their freshest. That’s why The Bouqs Company, an online cut-to-order flower retailer, adopted a two-step “farm to table” approach: It sources flowers directly from its provider farms in South America and the U.S., and ships them via FedEx to customers.

Shipping perishable products

Shipping directly to customers, whether B2B or B2C, can benefit both the environment and businesses. A more direct route can help a company:

  • Protect its perishable products
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce its carbon footprint
  • Strengthen customer loyalty

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A fresh approach

Traditional supply chains transport flowers from the farm to distribution centers and warehouses to stores and then to end consumers. This much movement can potentially damage the delicate items.

“Our farm-direct model minimizes the number of touches,” says CEO John Tabis. “We’re able to lower expenses because we don’t have infrastructure and third parties, and it also guarantees the freshest product.”

And delivering a better customer experience — fresher flowers at a better price — helps create a loyal customer base.

Support for a growing business

To get its flowers to e-commerce customers on time and in great shape, co-founders Tabis and Chief Supply Chain Officer J.P. Montúfar rely on many FedEx team members.

Paula Windyka, global sales executive, and Diane Diamond, worldwide account manager, regularly communicate with them about everyday business matters and the big-picture strategy.

“We’re forever brainstorming new ideas,” Windyka says. “How can we move hundreds of thousands of boxes in a short period? How can we have them all delivered in one day when the farm needs multiple days for production? How can we increase sourcing in other countries to meet the quality requirements and supply-and-demand needs?”

Nourishing a responsible generation

Beyond implementing direct-route shipping to its customers, The Bouqs Company extends its social responsibility by working exclusively with farms that employ sustainable farming and fair labor practices.

“Treating the earth better is part of what our generation really values. In the age of electric cars, hydrogen fuel, natural gas powered transportation and recycling, it’s clearly an important part of the public consciousness,” Tabis says. “We want to be where our consumers are, and that means delivering a product that supports the values they hold dear.”

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*Meyer, Mary H., Extension Horticulturist, Department of Horticultural Science, “Keeping cut flowers and flowering plants,” University of Minnesota. 

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