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Not Around for a Package Delivery or Pickup? Read Our Door Tag.

Expecting a package delivery from FedEx Ground® or FedEx Home Delivery®? Or are you waiting for one to get picked up?

You can’t always be around when the FedEx Ground driver comes to your door. And we don’t expect you to drop everything to be available.

That’s why we leave a shipment-status door tag with information on the attempted pickup or delivery of your FedEx Ground® or FedEx Home Delivery shipment, including what steps you might need to take for a successful reattempt.*

Easier viewing

You’ll notice that we’ve modified the FedEx Ground door tag. It’s now easier and quicker for you to find the information you need about the status of your FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments.

Door tag details

Here’s how to read your FedEx Ground door tag:

  1. Need your package before the next delivery attempt is made? Go to or call the phone number listed on the door tag. Use the door tag number to have your missed shipment held at a nearby FedEx Office location. With the Hold at FedEx Location option, you pick up your package when it’s convenient for you. The best part? There’s no additional charge. Remember to bring your door tag and photo ID for verification when you pick up your package.
  2. Your driver will provide information about the package pickup or delivery attempt, such as date and time and number of packages, and will leave an optional note, if needed.
  3. If your driver delivered your package, you’ll see indicated on the door tag where to find it (at the front door, back door, garage, a neighbor’s house, etc.).
  4. The door tag number identifies your shipment. Use it to track the status of your package or have it delivered to a FedEx Office location.
  5. Contact FedEx via the phone number or URL listed here for support and inquiries about the status of your shipment.
  6. Delivery and pickup information, such as the type of shipment and the number of attempts made, is now included on the same door tag. Previously, you received a separate door tag for missed deliveries and another for attempted pickups.
  7. If your packages weren’t there for us to pick up for delivery, we’ll either indicate that we’ll make another pickup attempt or instruct you to reschedule your pickup.
  8. If we weren’t able to deliver your package to you, we’ll let you know why and provide you with details on what’s needed for a successful delivery.
  9. If your package requires a signature from you or an authorized adult, you can sign the door tag here if you want your shipment left at your location in the next delivery attempt — even if you won’t be there to personally receive it.

While you can’t always be available for pickup and delivery of your package, we’ll make sure to keep you informed on its status.

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