5 Steps to Targeted Direct Mail

Grab readers' attention. Deliver an inspiring, targeted message. Reach the audience that matters. How? With direct mail marketing.

While digital and broadcast marketing are great tools to reach mass audiences, they haven't replaced direct mail's unique ability to make a lasting, tactile impression on a highly targeted audience. In fact, when the goal is to home in on a particular audience in a particular area, direct mail marketing has retained its place as an effective customer-building tool.

Whether you're new to direct mail marketing or a veteran user, FedEx Office® Direct Mail Services can help you spread the word. With our tools and resources, you can reacquaint previous customers to your products and services, remind existing customers of your offerings, and introduce yourself to new clients.

Hands-on help
Make effective, professional materials — such as full-color postcards, flyers, personalized letters, newsletters or brochures — at any of our more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations nationwide. The centers are ideal resources for creating direct mail communications from scratch.

When you take advantage of FedEx Office Direct Mail Services, you'll work directly with professionals. Our team members will answer your questions and assist you with document layout, mailing lists and postage discounts. In typically two or three business days, we'll produce and mail your piece. We're that fast.

Services tailored to small businesses
Both big and small players like our direct mail services. In fact, we specialize in small to medium-size campaigns. Because we don't charge for minimum orders, you can easily work within your budget. And because we maximize the deliverability of your current targeted address list, you can expect a greater return on your investment.

FedEx Office also can help your company save money on postage by preparing your mail according to the Post OfficeTM requirements for first-class and standard-mail discounts. (You must meet U.S. Postal Service® minimum requirements to receive postage discounts.)

Plan it, create it, print it and mail it
Here's how to boost your business with direct mail marketing in five simple steps:

  • Write your message.
  • Determine the format.
  • Compile your address list.
  • Design your layout.
  • Stop by your nearest FedEx Office® Print and Ship Center.

We'll take it from there. First, we "scrub" your address list to make sure each address meets postal delivery standards and you receive the highest possible postal discount. Then we use a move-update process to check for more-current addresses. These important steps help correct and eliminate undeliverable addresses. Next, we fold the mailing and stuff the envelopes, print the address, pre-sort the mailing, and deliver it to the Post Office. In short order, your customers will hear directly and personally from you.

Launch your direct mail campaign today
To get started, stop by one of our locations or go to the FedEx Office Direct Mail Services website for more information.

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Post Office is a trademark and the U.S. Postal Service is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Service.


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