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Give Your Customers the Gift of Time

A surefire way to grow your business is to accommodate your customers' needs — and schedules.

During this busy time of year, your residential customers will appreciate whatever you can do to make life easier for them. Give them the gift of time and convenience.

You'll be a holiday hero when you offer options that fit their busy lifestyles. Likely to miss a delivery? We'll hold their package for them. Do they like to be in the know? We'll notify them of an upcoming delivery that requires their attention, like a signature or cash on delivery (C.O.D.), so they can make arrangements and avoid missing a package. Are they at home only in the evenings? We'll deliver until 8 p.m. Is Saturday their only free day? Not a problem. We deliver every Saturday, unless it's a holiday. Now that's convenience.

Business benefits
Offering delivery options that suit your customers' schedules can help grow your business:

  • Increased customer loyalty. Once your customers find out how easy it is to do business with you, they're more likely to buy again.
  • Build your customer base. Testimonials from satisfied customers travel fast among peers.
  • Fewer missed deliveries. With our recipient-friendly evening and weekend delivery options and hold-at-location service, you'll spend less time tracking the status of a shipment, leaving you more time to run your business.
  • Faster deliveries. FedEx Home Delivery® is faster to more residential locations than UPS Ground. And because Saturday is a standard delivery day with FedEx Home Delivery, shipments that would be delivered to your customer on Monday by another carrier will reach your customer two days earlier. And at no extra cost. Your customers will love it.

Convenient options
With the number of errands on most people's lists, waiting at home for a package to arrive can be inconvenient. These FedEx® services will give your customers more control of their day and will help make their life easier:

  • Hold at FedEx Location. Offer your customers the option to have their package waiting for them at a nearby FedEx location. The service is free! We'll hold FedEx Express® shipments for pickup at more than 2,400 FedEx locations nationwide. And FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery packages can be held at a FedEx Office location, too. To make it even more convenient, many locations are open 24 hours a day and most until 9 p.m. For you, it means no residential and signature surcharges, fewer returns and improved security.
  • FedEx Appointment Home Delivery®. When you schedule the FedEx Home Delivery shipment, we'll contact the recipient by phone to determine the delivery day and time.
  • FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery®. Recipients can choose the day — Tuesday through Saturday — to receive their FedEx Home Delivery package. The chosen day must be between the standard delivery date and the following two weeks.
  • FedEx Evening Home Delivery®. This FedEx Home Delivery option accommodates the recipient who is home in the evenings and available between 5 and 8 p.m. on the scheduled date for in-person acceptance of a delivery.
  • Delivery Notification. FedEx offers free in-the-know delivery notification service for those signature-required or C.O.D. packages sent via FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery.*
    • Delivery notification service prompts a call to your customers' landlines or mobile phones, or sends them a text or email message to let them know their shipments are on the way. With this free service, your customers can make arrangements to be at home when their shipment arrives and prevent missed deliveries. If the delivery time isn't convenient for them, your customers can request FedEx to deliver the package to a nearby FedEx location for pickup.
    • When you include the customers' landline phone number on the shipping label, we'll automatically contact them at that number. No registration is required. To offer your customers in-the-know notifications on their mobile device or via email, two steps are required: You must provide their mobile phone number during shipping label creation, and your customers must register at So they can be in the know even when they're on the go, encourage your customers to register today.

Give customers the best possible gift: time and convenience
Your customers will appreciate the control they'll have over their schedule when you offer them convenient home delivery options. And it's easy to set up. Schedule your shipment online, and in the Special Services section, select the delivery option that best fits your customers' needs. If you don't create shipping labels online, contact your FedEx account executive to get you started.

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*Signature-required or C.O.D. packages sent via FedEx Express include those made via FedEx First Overnight®, FedEx Priority Overnight® and FedEx Standard Overnight®.

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