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Get in the Driver’s Seat. Tell Us When and Where to Deliver Your Shipments.

If you thought summer was busy, think of what’s in store for the fall: back-to-school events, sports activities, Halloween, Thanksgiving — and the beginning of the holiday shopping and shipping season.

Don’t reschedule your day to be at home for your shipments. Instead, schedule your shipments to fit your day.

  • Choose when. It’s your turn to take the driver’s seat. You tell us when you want us to deliver your shipment and we’ll be there, package in hand. For a nominal fee, you can request any day or evening up to 7 days following the original delivery date. On an even tighter schedule? Select a 2-hour window on the day you’d like us to arrive.

  • Choose where. In a hurry to receive your shipment? When you won’t be home but you know someone who will be, or if you want us to deliver it to you at a different location, simply tell us where to redirect the package — and it’s on its way. Another home address, your office address — or even an address across the country — it’s up to you. This low-cost opportunity is great for when you’re called out of town but you’re anxious to receive your shipment.

These convenient options — and more — are available with FedEx Delivery ManagerSM. Signing up is easy. Just go to to input your delivery information. Waiting in line? Sitting at a football game? You can access FedEx Delivery Manager through our free mobile app from your smartphone or tablet.

Then get ready to enjoy customized delivery. When you log in to FedEx Delivery Manager, you’ll immediately get an at-a-glance view of all home deliveries headed your way. Not only can you decide when and where you want your shipments delivered, but you can also make your life even easier by selecting any of these other options, at no charge:

  • Pick it up at your convenience.With Hold at FedEx Location, you can get your package forwarded to the nearest FedEx Office or FedEx Express location. We’ll hold it for you at no charge for up to five business days, so you can pick up your package on your schedule. Some locations are open 24 hours for additional convenience. Packages are released only with proof of identification, so it’s secure.
  • Sign for it ahead of time. When you can’t be at home to accept a package, you can provide your signature online or use the printable form in advance of the delivery to authorize the package to be released.
  • Provide delivery instructions. If you’ve got overarching preferences (for example, “leave all home deliveries by the back door”), let us know.
  • Request a vacation hold. If you know you’ll be out of town, choose a range of dates to suspend all deliveries headed to your home address.

No matter how busy you are, FedEx Delivery Manager helps you schedule your packages around your life — not the other way around.

Businesses: Pass it on
When you’re on the other side of the shipping equation, you want to do everything you can to make sure your residential customers get their packages the first time. FedEx Delivery Manager means fewer missed deliveries — and happier customers.

Tell your residential customers about FedEx Delivery Manager. You’ll spend less time fielding missed shipments and more time getting ready for the upcoming holiday season.

See the simplicity. Enjoy the convenience.
For more information about FedEx Delivery Manager, check out our quick video demo. Then sign up today — or tell your customers to — and experience delivery options at your fingertips.

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