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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate all the moms in your life and the lessons they’ve taught you. It’s also a key event for online shopping: Last year, an estimated 27 percent of customers turned to the internet for their gifts.1

Unfortunately, as online sales continue to grow, so do abandonment rates — customers filling their virtual carts only to click away before it’s time to purchase. According to Business Insider, e-commerce experts found that in 2016, roughly 73 percent of online shopping carts were abandoned. That figure is expected to increase as more consumers use mobile devices for comparison shopping.2

As a savvy business owner, you can drop those rates — all it takes is putting some familiar motherly wisdom to the test.

Provide home delivery shipping options

Customers shop online for convenience. Take convenience one step further by letting them choose when they want their packages delivered to their residence:

  • Tuesday through Saturday
  • Days and evenings
  • Within a two-hour window

Find out more about FedEx Home Delivery® service options.

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1. Stay tidy

Especially for stressed-out, last-minute shoppers: Cut the clutter. In a study conducted by Baymard Institute, 1 out of 4 customers abandoned their cart because they found the website too difficult to navigate.3 Easy solution: Simplify your checkout process by providing a guest checkout option.

2. Be considerate

When your mom taught you to treat people the way you’d like to be treated, she gave you one of the best pieces of business advice. Think back to your own experiences shopping online. What has made you leave a full cart without checking out? If having limited payment options makes you click out of the site, you’re not alone.

Customers will be more comfortable if they can choose their preferred method of payment or one that provides more security. Services like PayPal and Google Wallet make it that much easier to complete the purchase.

3. Be forthright

Honesty is its own reward when organizing an online store. You may hesitate to include the price of shipping upfront, but if consumers feel like it’s been sprung on them with hidden costs at checkout, they may quickly hit the back button.

Keep them on your site longer by being upfront about customer shipping costs. You’ll be more comfortable doing so when you can get a reduced price on your end.

If your products are small (maximum length and girth is 130 inches) and lightweight (maximum weight is 70 lbs.), you can take advantage of the efficient and cost-effective delivery of FedEx SmartPost®. By using the U.S. Postal Service for final delivery, FedEx SmartPost provides a reliable, cost-efficient way to reach every residential address in the U.S.

4. Be generous — and smart

Of course, there’s another way to eliminate hidden shipping costs: doing away with them altogether. Offering free shipping will almost certainly increase your conversion rate. If properly implemented, it should also increase your average order value and net margin.

To know how free or discounted shipping could affect your return on investment, and at what point consumers walk away regardless, do some A/B testing on your checkout page:

  • Product price. How much of your shipping costs can you include in the price of your product?
  • Base purchase amount. What threshold can you require for a purchase to qualify for free or discounted shipping?
  • Product type. Can you offer free shipping for a specific product?4
Adrianna Papell

Fit for the occasion

Helping women feel special in beautifully designed clothing is the goal at Adrianna Papell, and convenient shipping options help deliver on its promise.

Watch this video to see how delighting customers makes a difference.

5. Be accommodating

From the time you were young, your mom might have reminded you to be polite. It never hurts to go that extra mile to put others at ease.

Consumers shop online for the convenience. Make it even simpler for them to shop on your site by giving them personalized delivery options that fit their schedules with FedEx Home Delivery®. These services are supported by the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee and are available to your customers at no extra cost to you.5

Add these convenient delivery options to your online cart and let customers choose the service that best fits their schedule:

Saturday delivery

FedEx Home Delivery® serves 100 percent of U.S. residential addresses, and because the standard delivery days are Tuesday through Saturday, shipments another carrier would deliver on Monday will reach your customers two days earlier. In fact, FedEx Home Delivery is faster to more residential locations than UPS Ground.

Evenings, select day and window-of-time deliveries

For a nominal fee, FedEx Home Delivery® allows customers to request delivery:

  • On the evenings of a scheduled day with FedEx Evening Home Delivery®
  • On a select-day with FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery®
  • At a specific time within a two-hour window using FedEx Appointment Home Delivery®6

This Mother’s Day, honor the moms in your life for helping you become the person you are today — and show them you were listening by putting their advice to good use. After all, sometimes Mother really does know best.

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1Lindner, Matt. “More shoppers go online to buy Mother’s Day gifts,” Internet Retailer, May 2016.
2Baller, Evan. “Shopping Cart Abandonment: Merchants now leave $4.6 trillion on the table, and mobile is making the problem worse,” Business Insider, 15 Nov. 2016.
337 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics,” Baymard Institute, 9 Jan. 2017.
4Hunt, Andy. “How to Make 'Free Shipping' Profitable,” Kissmetrics Blog, 2014.
5The FedEx Ground money-back guarantee applies to deliveries within the U.S. and to brokerage-inclusive shipments to Canada. Restrictions apply. For details, see the FedEx Ground Tariff.
6Saturday delivery and the convenient delivery options are not available to all areas. Contact your FedEx account executive for more information.

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