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9 Ways to Speed Up and Strengthen Your Supply Chain Management System

Product development is your business. Product delivery is ours. A highly effective supply chain management system is the foundation for making your customers happy. Here's how we work together to make that happen.

You told us your needs. We acted.
We asked our customers what they wanted in a freight shipping company. We responded by continually improving our services with more-efficient technology, smarter options and unsurpassed reliability:

You want service you can depend on.

  • Our FedEx Freight® Priority service comes backed with a no-fee money-back guarantee.*

You want choices.

  • FedEx Freight Priority is available for time-sensitive shipments.
  • FedEx Freight® Economy is available when you can trade time for savings.

You want simplicity.

  • Our streamlined service options make it easier and more convenient for you:
    • You make one call for either service.
    • You create one Bill of Lading.
    • You work with one carrier.
    • You use one progressive (PRO) number for tracking your shipment’s status.
    • You manage one invoice.

You want your shipments delivered faster to your customers.

  • FedEx Freight Priority has the fastest published transit times of any nationwide less-than-truckload (LTL) service.
  • Each year we evaluate the FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy networks. Whenever possible, we make adjustments to provide more direct lanes from origin to destination. This year, on July 9, we shortened transit times in an overall net of 6,900 lanes nationwide. Now, FedEx Freight reaches up to 600 miles in 1 day and up to 1,200 miles in 2 days.

You want to build your customer base, so you asked for farther reach.

  • We've added centers across the country. Our most recent ones are in Rochester, N.Y., and Calgary, Alberta. A new center in Vancouver, British Columbia, will be opening soon.

You want more control over your shipments.

  • Our nationwide all-points coverage means we deliver to more locations within the U.S. without using third-party carriers.

You want visibility.

  • Our innovative technology lets you see and manage the status of every shipment along its entire route.

You want your shipments delivered intact.

  • We take pride in our achieving one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry.

You want electronic shipping.

  • FedEx Ship Manager® Software, an electronic shipping tool, provides easy access to your entire database of FedEx Freight® shipment records.

Sharing ideas
It's important to make smart decisions about shipping options. You want what works best for your business and your customers. Tune in to our social media networks and participate in interactive dialogue about how the shipping industry can help you achieve your business goals. Or watch and learn.

Listen, watch, read, respond
Starting in October, tune in to our podcasts and participate in upcoming webinars. Watch for them on the FedEx Freight Services page. Then plan to read and respond to our blog, which will also debut in October on the FedEx corporate blog site.

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*Applies to FXF 1000 Rate Base customers only. All services are subject to the terms and conditions of the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff.

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