Shipping Emergency?

Congratulations! You’ve survived the busiest shopping weekend of the year. How’s your inventory holding up? Getting a bit low? That’s terrific — it could be a sign of a prosperous holiday season.

But in case that rapidly moving inventory is making you nervous, write down our phone number: 1.800.762.3787. In the chance your shelves are looking bare at 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve, we can help.

The solution you need, now
We're FedEx Custom Critical, and when you run up against that urgent, need-it-now type of freight shipment — any kind of freight shipment — you can call us. We'll answer anytime: day or night. Even on the holidays.

With our array of services, equipment and resources, we can ship almost anything, anywhere, at any time. And you don't need to sign up or prequalify for the service. Just call, tell us what you need, and one of our trucks will be at your door, typically within 90 minutes in most areas.

Let's say you run a 24-hour grocery store and you just sold your last frozen turkey — the day before Christmas Eve. You missed the cutoff for your regular carrier service. Waiting until the next delivery isn't an option. Before you reach for the antacid, pick up the phone and call us. We'll drive to your distributor or warehouse (or another store location if you have one), pack up our refrigerated truck with all the turkeys you need, and deliver them right to your dock.

What about that 30-foot evergreen tree you need to set up and decorate inside the mall? You can count on our FedEx Truckload Brokerage division to find you a flatbed truck to deliver it. The decorating? Not so much. That we'll leave to you.

Always at your service
When you need to fill a gap in your delivery service, call us. We'll gladly become your Plan B.

  • A last-minute (and critical) change in your ad means an unplanned late-night distribution.
  • You've doubled your distribution for the holidays and need a second pickup and delivery.
  • While your regular carrier service is closed for the holidays, your business isn't. You still need your product delivered.
  • You own a fleet of trucks, but you need more for the extra holiday shipments.
  • A medical outbreak means greater demand for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical supplies.

Need your shipment really fast? We can deliver it door to door in even less time than your standard air freight service in many cases. Typically, all within the same day.

Faced with an emergency and need coast-to-coast-overnight delivery? We'll handle that, too. Because we're part of the FedEx® network, we can pick up your product in one of our FedEx Custom Critical trucks and deliver it directly to the FedEx Express aircraft. Then on the other end of the delivery, another FedEx Custom Critical truck will be waiting at the FedEx Express ramp, ready to load up and deliver your shipments wherever you need. We'll even charter an aircraft for your shipment if you need a faster delivery.

So keep our phone number handy. Because when you're in a pinch — and surprises do happen — we're here to serve.

Specialized equipment and delivery options
With FedEx Custom Critical, not only do you get complete access to an array of FedEx solutions, but you can request our many specialized solutions and equipment as well:

  • Temperature-controlled vehicles and air cargo containers.
  • Exclusive-use vehicles.
  • Specially equipped vehicles with power-lift gates, furniture pads and straps.
  • Point-to-point delivery.
  • On-board satellite communication system for real-time tracking.
  • Specialized customer service teams.
  • Delivery solutions specifically for hazardous materials shipments.
  • Extra security measures.

Don't hesitate. Call anytime.
For your urgent, emergency and specialty shipments, call FedEx Custom Critical at 1.800.762.3787. Tell us what you need, and we're on our way.

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