Time Your Product Delivery Precisely to Market Demand

You're synchronizing retail rollout of a long-awaited new electronics device. Or rushing memorabilia to store shelves where sports fans are clamoring to celebrate their winning team. Or your latest marketing materials need to travel from the printer to newspapers' loading docks without missing a beat. No problem.

The specialized services of FedEx Custom Critical are akin to rock-star treatment for your freight shipments. We'll help you plan and choreograph every detail to ensure outstanding performance — so you can keep customers cheering.

Fast, secure, 24/7
Overnight delivery? Of course. Same-day delivery? We can make that happen, too. FedEx Custom Critical exclusive-use vehicles function on your timeline. We can plan your deliveries to the exact minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to requiring speed, confidential and exclusive products often demand extensive security. Rest assured we have the resources to maintain the confidentiality of your shipment at all times:

  • Deep levels of security options. Layer on various levels to suit your situation, from covert electronic tracking of individual shipments, to satellite surveillance of vehicles for real-time tracking.
  • Extra security clearance. Select owner-operators in our FedEx Custom Critical fleet have earned security clearance beyond standard FedEx requirements. We even email photos of the drivers to you before the shipment is picked up.
  • Secure parking. If trucks need to park for any length of time, FedEx secure parking facilities can be used, featuring guarded and fenced facilities.
  • Custom options. Our in-house FedEx Custom Critical SecureCommSM (secure command center) team can fully customize a program of services, and work with your own security team, to meet your specific needs.

Choose ground, air or both
Depending on the locations you need to reach, choose surface transportation, chartered FedEx aircraft, or a combination. Our FedEx Custom Critical Surface Expedite Exclusive Use® and FedEx Custom Critical Air Expedite Exclusive Use® services both ensure one thing: that your products travel privately, door-to-door. They'll make their public debut only when you want them to.

FedEx® expedited services offer you peace of mind with:

  • Same-day and early next-day deliveries.
  • Services available throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with premium air solutions globally.
  • Pickup and delivery times set by your schedule — to the minute.
  • Vehicle and aircraft sizes appropriately matched to your freight.

This could be you
As an example: FedEx was called upon to expedite delivery of sportswear to retail stores the day following a major athletic championship. We positioned FedEx Custom Critical trucks in various parts of the country.

As goods rolled off lines at manufacturing facilities, they were driven to airports and loaded onto chartered FedEx planes. More FedEx trucks waited at each airport, met the planes, and delivered the merchandise to stores beginning at 3 a.m. — then continued with waves of deliveries over the next 12 hours.

The result? A huge win for our client.

Plan for success with FedEx Custom Critical
Prepare for the holiday season, product launches, and more. Plan to wow your customers with unexpected service. Depend on us for solutions that keep your competition envious. Call FedEx Custom Critical at 1.800.762.3787.

Or click here for more information on all of our FedEx Custom Critical solutions.

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