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If you’re facing a problem, chances are someone has been there before you. Here you’ll find insights, how-tos, and inspiration from other small-business owners.

Featured video: Paleo Treats

Nik Hawks and Lee Selman have a passion for being the best — in life, in health, and in business. This passion is what drove them to create Paleo Treats, a healthy, delicious dessert option for followers of the Paleo diet. In their mission to make Paleo Treats as successful as possible, Nik and Lee have found more than a shipping provider in FedEx — they’ve found a trusted advisor. Learn more about this winner of the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and see how FedEx has helped Paleo Treats grow as a small business.

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Paleo Treats video
  • 5 peer tips for social media success

    “It’s not all about selling. It’s about stepping back and figuring out how I can enrich my customers’ lives. Would they like to see a bread recipe? Then I post a link on my Facebook wall. Are my younger customers using Instagram to track their lives? I take notes and post about my life to start building a following and trend what they are posting about.”

    -Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn

  • 5 peer tips for social media success

    “Focus on the solution. Don’t focus too heavily on the problem. People like to feel positive, but if you harp on what is wrong or on the past too much, it makes your company feel stuck. Almost like there’s no forward potential.”

    -Ari Hoffman, GOBIE H20

  • 5 peer tips for social media success

    “It’s easy to get discouraged that you aren’t building a following as quickly as you wanted. And many people stop as a result. The truth is, building a following takes an incredible amount of work.”

    -Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn

  • 5 peer tips for social media success

    “Don’t just focus on quantitative successes such as Facebook likes or Twitter followers. The quality is just as important—it helps you maintain your brand and allows you to paint a broader picture of how your company is the one people should use.”

    -Danny Catullo, Catullo Prime Meats

  • 5 peer tips for social media success

    “People inherently like to be a part of something. When you provide them with a business that has a personal side, one that tells a story…folks can’t help but get involved.”

    -Ari Hoffman, GOBIE H20

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