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On Deadline? Our Computer Rentals Offer Peace of Mind

When you're on a tight deadline, sometimes it seems that you hit nearly every roadblock. The printer goes down just hours before an important report is due. You need color printouts, but your printer is only producing black & white copies. You're on the road and just discovered a critical error in your presentation.

No need to stress. For peace of mind, call on your nearby FedEx Office location. With our computer rental stations, you can open your files, edit your documents and print them in a snap. Or use our self-service scanners to get a quick copy of a document or download a hard copy into your files. And our high-quality printers will quickly produce crisp, clean printouts in the format and style you need.

Software galore
At FedEx Office — your "office away from the office" — you're empowered with access to all the standard software applications. From web browsers to chat software to the full Microsoft® Office 2007 suite, we've got you covered. And after each time you use a computer, our special security system wipes the hard drive and internet browser of the documents you opened and the websites you visited, keeping your identity and data secure.

Need design applications for your project? We've got those, too. You bring the skills; we've got the software. With high-resolution scanners and Adobe® software, you can create or tweak your designs at one of our rental stations.

Easy in, easy out
Whether you need to create, edit or scan a document, you pay only for the minutes you use. And you'll get back to business fast, thanks to the easy self-service pay function built into the computer terminal. Just swipe your credit card and you're done.

Brought your own laptop? Tap into our free AT&T Wi-Fi high-speed connection for internet access. Or use one of our laptop docking stations to connect with our printers.

If you need special paper, binding or lamination, you're in the right spot. FedEx Office stocks an array of papers, from résumé to card stock, and can also help you put the finishing touches on your project, such as tabbed sections and spiral bindings.

Know where to go
It's easy to find a FedEx Office location near you equipped with a computer rental station. Click here to search by ZIP code or address. You can narrow your search even more by checking the box by the service you need.

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