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Thrill Customers by Moving to Faster, More Accurate Shipment Processing

When you're shipping a lot of products to a lot of customers — especially products on tight deadlines — you want an electronic shipping solution that streamlines your shipping process. You want efficiency and accuracy. You want shipping speed and reliability.

Here's how one company eased its shipment-processing challenges by switching to a carrier with an electronic system. Learn how you can follow the company's path by implementing an integrated system that's more efficient and less prone to human error, while offering your customers fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping options.

A need for speed
Success was getting ahead of Hammer Nutrition. The company, located in Whitefish, Mont., specializes in nutrition supplements for endurance athletes. When it recently redesigned its website to make it more consumer-friendly, Hammer Nutrition experienced substantial online sales growth, with its customer base climbing to more than 100,000, and hundreds more new orders coming in daily.

The company's transportation provider couldn't offer an automated way to process the shipments. Because the carrier's and Hammer Nutrition's systems couldn't be integrated, the company was burdened by an inefficient, error-prone shipment process. It needed a carrier that could process its shipments and deliver its products — many of which are consumable — to its customers quickly and efficiently.

Company founder Brian Frank turned to FedEx consultants. Frank explained he needed a system that would simplify shipment processing tasks. The solution: FedEx Web Services.

Going the distance
FedEx Web Services enables connectivity directly between a company's software system and FedEx. Companies that don't want to host their own software can integrate the FedEx shipping functionality into software programs, web sites or web applications via FedEx Web Services for order entry, warehouse management and other business software systems.

By integrating Hammer Nutrition's software with the FedEx shipment processing capabilities, the company now experiences one system with electronic address verification and shipment processing to streamline its handling of packages.

With a system that is more efficient and less prone to human error, Hammer Nutrition can now keep pace with its growing number of online orders. Most of the company's larger outbound shipments to retail outlets and distributors ship via FedEx Ground. And the company's shopping cart provides customers the option to choose delivery via these FedEx services:

  • FedEx Express® for time-sensitive U.S. and international shipments.
  • FedEx Ground® for reliable and economical business delivery.
  • FedEx Home Delivery® for convenient residential shipments, including evening and Saturday deliveries.

For inbound shipments transporting raw materials and finished goods from within the U.S. and abroad, the company uses:

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Freight

Road to success
Learn how you can serve your customers better by providing fast, streamlined shipping using an electronic shipping solution. Read the full case study on how FedEx Web Services provides smooth connectivity for system integration to keep Hammer Nutrition shifted into high gear.

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