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Offset Your Carbon Footprint by Shipping With the FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope

Looking for a way to minimize your carbon footprint? Want to improve the environmental impact of shipping documents? We can help.

The FedEx Envelope is now embossed with a new message: "EarthSmart. FedEx carbon-neutral envelope shipping." This means when you use the envelope for all of your FedEx Express® document shipments, you have our assurance that all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with your shipment will be offset — at no extra charge to you.

The carbon-neutral shipping of the envelope is one part of the broader FedEx sustainability program, EarthSmart®.The program acts as the roadmap for realizing FedEx commitment to connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully — including our team members, customers, business partners and communities. The aim is to improve the company's environmental performance and find ways for FedEx to contribute to sustainability on a broader scale by working with others who share that vision.

As a company, we're dedicated through EarthSmart to finding better technologies and smarter solutions to limit the amount of CO2 released. While we constantly work to improve our carbon footprint as much as possible, we also understand the most practical way to address the remaining emissions is through funding carbon-offsetting programs. These programs support environmentally sustainable projects, such as tree farms and wind farms, which help neutralize carbon emissions.

To underscore this next step toward sustainability, you'll now see our carbon-neutral shipping message printed on the FedEx envelopes you get from any of these locations:

  • FedEx Office®
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®
  • FedEx World Service Center®
  • FedEx Express® Drop Box

You can also order them via But even if you use an older FedEx envelope, rest assured, your shipping will still be carbon neutral.

How we chose our carbon-offsetting provider

Until technology can make carbon reduction easier and more cost-effective, carbon offsetting is one practical way to be environmentally conscientious. Our goal was to find a carbon-credit provider that funds sustainable development projects around the world. We sought a provider with extensive experience developing emission-reduction projects that deliver measurable results.

We selected BP Target Neutral, a not-for-profit provider that gives companies like FedEx the chance to offset our CO2 emissions by funding projects aimed at neutralizing global CO2 emissions. Target Neutral is monitored by the Independent Assurance and Advisory Panel to ensure that projects meet the highest international standards and funds go to verified emission-reduction projects.

When FedEx pays to offset the emissions associated with shipping via FedEx Express envelopes, every penny goes directly to projects that prevent the release of CO2, or remove it from the atmosphere.

Order soon
You can order the FedEx Envelope with our carbon-neutral message online.


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