5 Ways to Attract Attention With Business Cards

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Business cards. While less than 3.5" x 2" in size, they can pack a punch. Not only do they provide the fundamentals for getting in touch, they also offer a snapshot of you and your company's brand. Best of all, they're easy and affordable to create — a critical combination, if your marketing budget is limited.

Flip it over

Want your business cards to really pull their weight? Consider these five innovative ways to transform an ordinary business card into a marketing piece — all by utilizing its typically blank back side. Many of the templates include designs just for this purpose:

  • Elevator pitch. Include a well-crafted elevator pitch that quickly and creatively summarizes your company's offerings. New acquaintances will walk away with more than just your name and email address. It'll up your chances of getting that promised follow-up call.
  • Personal highlights. Stand out in a crowd of job applicants with a brief sample of your portfolio or resume. You'll get noticed when you include a few bullet points about your talents.
  • Referrals. Turn a business card into a referral card. Provide space for your current customers to write their name. Then ask them to refer a friend by giving them the card. When the new customer comes to you with the card, you know whom to thank for the referral with a reward or special perk.
  • Survey. Create a short survey to get customer feedback. With a few simple questions, you can get great insight into how your customers view your business. Use the info to keep your business strong. Offer customers a discount for submitting the completed survey card and everyone wins.
  • Industry tips. Tout your expertise by including industry-related tips. If you're a massage therapist, offer breathing techniques for stress relief. Operate a dog training business? Give brief dog obedience advice. IT consultant? Advise clients how to prevent or recover lost files.

Let's not forget a few tried-and-true ways make your business card multitask:

  • Build customer loyalty by turning a business card into a frequent-visitor punch card.
  • Add a tip chart to help people calculate the gratuity of a restaurant bill. They'll have a reason to keep the card in their wallet, and they'll see your name and brand every time they use it.
  • Make your card do double duty as an appointment reminder. A handy way to help ensure your client shows up while reinforcing your brand message.


You don't have to hire a designer to create your own business card. Simply go to the FedEx Office® Design & Print Center at fedex.com and get started.

You can choose from hundreds of design templates or customize your own with your logo or photos. With designs available in 1-, 2- or full-color, and prices starting at just $19.99, you can build a business card as simple or showy as you'd like at a competitive price.

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