3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Online Business

Kevin Chung

In today’s wired world of commerce, there’s one simple rule for small businesses trying to compete with the big players: you can’t rise to the top if nobody can find you.

With 97 percent of today’s consumers looking for businesses online, understanding the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is essential. That’s where FedEx marketing advisor Kevin Chung comes in. Chung is a key member of the E-Commerce Strategic Alliances department, which offers small businesses strategies to increase their online visibility by listening to their needs and then delivering solutions that get them noticed.

Even if you already know the value of search, chances are you’re not using SEO insights to the fullest extent. Chung recommends that companies looking to boost their SEO performance get a HigherVisibility website analysis, which FedEx account holders can access for free.

“HigherVisibility is a tool that can that can provide personalized recommendations to optimize your website to drive traffic and improve overall conversion rates online,” Chung explains. “We’ve teamed with HigherVisibility to help you analyze and assess your web presence at no cost so you can boost your online results.”

About 70 percent of HigherVisibility customers are start-ups and small businesses. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, their services include increasing brand recognition, website usability and search results. 

Screenshot of HigherVisibility website

“Our clients find HigherVisibility reports useful and interesting right off the bat,” Chung says. “When clients apply the SEO recommendations, many clients see their search results improve as well as their search scores. Simple changes can make a big difference.”

Here are Chung’s top tips for pulling in the website traffic you need to succeed and getting started with a HigherVisibility Instant SEO Report:

1. Start with easy fixes to your webpage title and company description

Chung explains that there are two easy ways you can make your site more search-engine friendly right now: fix your title tag and your company description, which are often too short or too long.

"When the algorithms for Google or other web browsers crawl your website, if those two areas are not effectively positioned, then your ranking in search results might be skewed lower," he explains.


2. Focus on improving your organic search traffic before buying ads

Are you looking to invest in search ads to boost your visibility? Chung advises that you first optimize your website to improve your rankings in free, “organic” search results.

"What I tell small-business owners is that e-commerce has created a huge market for buyers and sellers, but in order to be discovered you have to have an effective search strategy in place.” Chung says. “It's not all about paid search or buying Google Adwords. Another effective approach is organic — that's what you want to focus on first, and that’s where the HigherVisibility tool can help.”


3. Get a free, personalized HigherVisibility report about your website

Getting started with HigherVisibility is easy. Go to seoscore.highervisibility.com, enter your website URL, and use the promotional code “FEDEXSBC” to get your report. Then HigherVisibility can schedule a free consultation with you and your FedEx sales rep to discuss how to drive more traffic to your website. One more benefit for FedEx account holders: you will receive a 15% discount on all additional HigherVisibility services.


FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winner Manasi Gangan, founder of Nested Bean — a company that makes baby swaddles — was an early adopter of the HigherVisibility tool. She says her company’s HigherVisibility analysis has already made a difference for her business.

HigherVisibility customer testimonial

“The HigherVisibility tool gave us a very succinct report on the current state of our website optimization, with suggestions to improve our rank,” Gangan says. “Implementing a few suggested changes gave our SEO score a boost, helping our content strategy and SEO efforts as well as reducing our PPC [Pay Per Click] bids. We plan to implement all the suggestions from this report in the coming months, and we are certain that we will see further improvements in these areas.”

These kinds of results are exactly what Chung and his team look to share with more FedEx clients in addition to the various other online marketing services they offer.

“It’s great to see the impact of insights we provide and see how clients are can apply these recommendations to get immediate results,” he says. “But the best part is watching a company grow, especially when it’s a small business just starting out, and three years later they've become a much larger operation and they’re really becoming a true business leader. To have been part of that in some small way is really rewarding.”

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