Five Reasons to Use Business Cards

In this digital age, you might think business cards are past their prime. True, they’ve been around a long time — centuries, in fact.1 But like so many enduring objects, they’ve only gotten better with age. Business cards are far from being old news and should be a key part of your marketing toolkit.

And now is the perfect time to design your business cards: Besides the standard free 7-business- day delivery, you’ll get 30% off business cards, plus backside printing at no extra cost from now through May 3, 2016.2

So, take a look at our list of the top five reasons business cards still count. Plus, we’ve included bonus tips for proper business card etiquette and design.

#1 They’re memorable

Research has demonstrated that images aid memory recall in the classroom.3 You can produce the same psychological effects when you present a business card with an image on it.

Are your current cards all text and no visuals? Try these options for infusing memorable images, such as:

  • Your company logo
  • A photograph of you, your storefront or your product
  • An image that relates to your personal or company name


  • When you present your business card, take a moment to comment on it. Point out the image or the information on the back of the card. Using both sides of the card helps reinforce your client’s memory of your card — and of you. Take advantage of a limited-time offer for free backside printing and reap the benefits.
  • Whatever image you choose for your card, make sure it’s in color: Customers are 10 times more likely to hold on to a color card than a plain white one.4 With the FedEx Office® Design & Print Center, you can print cards with full-color images, giving you numerous design possibilities.

#2 They make your brand tangible

When you present your business card, keep in mind that the person accepting it doesn’t just read it. He or she “senses” it. The look, weight, texture and dimensions of the card also send a message to the recipient about your brand and its unique style. Raised print cards can convey a feeling of modern luxury. Thicker cards can lend an air of gravitas and experience.

Whatever message you want your card to give, know that its look and feel says just as much about your business as the words printed on it.


  • Customize the texture and weight of your card to fit your style. The FedEx Office Design & Print Center offers a wide range of finishes and card weights, including raised print, spot gloss, metallic finishes and luxury-weight options.
  • Store your cards in a sleeve or special business card holder to keep them looking their best. Avoid handing out wrinkled or dirty cards at all costs.

#3 They help you stand out

When you visit the “About” section of your company website, what do you see? Are there details on its history, products, annual sales figures or other aspects of your business?

All of these facts and more can be condensed and included on your business card. Whether it’s your mission statement or a bulleted list of your best-selling products, a mini “About” page on your business card lets recipients know what makes your company unique.


  • When sizing up available space on your card, don’t forget the back. The templates in the FedEx Office Design & Print Center include matching backside artwork to complement the front of your card.

#4 They’re convenient

With business cards, you control the message: the look, content and branding are all at your discretion. Business cards are also small and light enough to go just about anywhere: They can be secured to a manual or a sales brochure, posted on a bulletin board or tucked into customer shipments.


  • Looking for even more convenience? Consider upgrading to a business card magnet. With a magnet, your customers can keep your information in a prominent place, no thumbtack or tape required.
  • Take advantage of the hospitality in neighborhood coffee shops, local establishments and community gathering places. Many of these venues encourage people to drop off their business cards. It’s a great service for their patrons, and a convenient ready-made audience for you.

#5 They’re multipurpose

With a little ingenuity, you can use your business cards to provide added value to your contacts. Print a coupon code on the back for new customers, or include a chart for calculating tips. Whether it’s a raffle ticket, punch card or conversion chart, get creative and choose an add-on that makes sense for your business.


  • Build loyalty by handwriting a personal thank-you note on the back of your card and including it in the customers’ packages.

Design your cards

With the FedEx Office Design & Print Center, you can create business cards that do more for your marketing. Select from thousands of templates or upload your own design. Either way, our easy step-by-step process will help you produce high-quality results.

And remember to take advantage of our special offer: 30% off business cards plus backside printing at no extra cost.2

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