3 New Ways to Streamline Your Shipping

In today's fast-moving marketplace, every minute counts. Luckily, recent innovations from FedEx make shipping simpler than ever. Free apps and website features let you order supplies, manage all your shipments, and find your nearest shipping center in seconds.

1. Order FedEx Ground® supplies online

Out of labels? Ever wished you could simply press a button and get the supplies you need, delivered right to your door?

Good news: Now you can order FedEx Ground supplies online. Log in to fedex.com and reap the benefits.

  • No hassle. From the Ship tab on the fedex.com/us home page, select "Order Shipping Supplies." Log in and check "Ground." Presto: instant access to free FedEx Ground supplies, from tags to caution tape to international shipping labels.

    Make the same order each month? Give your order a nickname and reorder with a click.

  • No surprises. Browse high-quality images and detailed descriptions of every product. Part number, intended use, dimensions — it's all there.

    Supplies are free, but a handy checkout cart lets you quickly review your order before you commit.

  • No guesswork. Track your shipment's status right from fedex.com. And rest easy knowing it will be there in 3 to 5 days.

2. Print Labels and Manage All Your Shipping in One Place

FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com is your one-stop resource to plan, create, and track the status of a shipment online. It's a smarter, more efficient way to ship.

Your FedEx discounts automatically apply, so you never have to worry about it. Save and reuse your shipping information. Print your labels in seconds — and reprint them as often as you need, whenever you need them.

And FedEx Freight customers, rejoice: FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com is now available for all your shipments.

You can even track the status of and manage all your shipments from your mobile device. Check out mobilesolutions.fedex.com and see how easy on-the-go shipping can be.

3. Find the nearest FedEx location — anywhere

Sometimes, you need to find the closest FedEx location — even when you don't know your location.

That's where enhanced Find FedEx Locations comes in. FedEx has teamed with Google to create a search experience that's:

  • Simple. Don't know the ZIP code? No problem. Go to fedex.com and enter as much info as you have into the Find a Location search box (example: "Best Western, Omaha"). Let our software do the rest.

    We'll pull up a map of all nearby FedEx locations, along with the crucial details. From there, filter your results until you have a map and directions to the staffed FedEx location or FedEx Express® Drop Box that's right for you.

  • Smart. Of course, you may not need to enter anything at all: Find FedEx Locations can often auto-locate you by your IP address.

    It's also fully integrated with Google Places and Google Maps — with all of the perks. For example, predictive typing lets you auto-complete your search terms.

    Heading out on foot? Trying to avoid traffic? Modify your route in a heartbeat.

    If you want a copy, easily print the directions right from the tool.

  • Seamless. Find FedEx Locations uses the same page no matter where you are in the world. No need to hunt down regional websites.

    And it works across all platforms: computer, tablet and smartphone. So you really can take it anywhere.

On the go?

For a locator that's tailored to your mobile device, there's also FedEx® Mobile for iPhone® and iPad® and FedEx Mobile for Android. The app works with your mobile device's own mapping software, saving you time and disk space.

Download the FedEx Mobile app to use your tablet or smartphone to find the nearest FedEx location, lightning-fast.

Simplify your life

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