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Precise Address Information Means Happier Customers for You

We know it can be frustrating when a shipment delivery gets delayed because of an incorrect or incomplete address. To help keep packages moving and avoid address correction surcharges, we've modified how you enter the delivery information when shipping a package.

Here's how it works
If you already create shipping labels on FedEx Ship Manager® at, you've seen address checking in action: You're asked to verify whether a location for your package delivery is commercial or residential. Then options appear to help you choose the correct level of service.

In the past, commercial or residential classification happened late in the process. And each following step took you to a different screen.

Now it occurs earlier, all on one smart screen. There's no waiting. Options relevant to your shipment pop up right when you need them.

Fast and easy
When you enter a new address (complete with ZIP or postal code) for the first time, our database automatically checks it and displays any similar addresses it finds. You verify the correct address, indicating whether it's commercial or residential.

Screen prompts then help you choose your desired service: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery®.

What you want, when you want it
Next, you'll choose from a list of specialized service options, such as "FedEx Evening Home Delivery®" or "Hold at FedEx Location." You decide which one fits you and your customer's needs the best.

  • If you select FedEx Ground, the FedEx Home Delivery services section will appear grayed out and inaccessible. Change your mind? Click on "residential"
    to enable FedEx Home Delivery once again; then select your desired
    service option.
  • When you've chosen FedEx Home Delivery but select an option available only with FedEx Ground® service, the system will automatically update your selection to FedEx Ground and mark it with a residential indicator.

Confidence comes in the package
Address verification is automatic for U.S. and Canada shipments. So you know your packages will arrive without incurring address correction surcharges along the way.

The best part? Each shipment is even more likely to arrive on time, just as you — and your customers — expect.

Get started
Ready to schedule your shipment? Go to FedEx Ship Manager at to begin.

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