Save Time with a Full Address Book

Ship faster by adding contacts to your FedEx address book.
Ship faster by adding contacts to your FedEx address book.

Every little bit of time you can save helps. When it comes to shipping, the fastest way to create a label is by selecting a contact in your address book. With one click you can fill out all the recipient’s information and cut the time it takes to create a shipping label down to a minimum.

Import your addresses from almost anywhere.

The quickest way to get all your contacts into your address book is to import them. We support a variety of file formats, even those from other shipping companies. That makes transferring everything over a breeze.

  1. Log in and click Access Address Book under the Manage tab.
  2. Click the Import/Export tab.
  3. Select Import as your action.
  4. If importing addresses other than Recipients, select the new profile under Import as dropdown menu.
  5. Click Choose File or Browse and find your document.
  6. Select the file type from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click Import.

Note: Checking the Replace address book box at the top of the page will overwrite any addresses you currently have stored.

If your file type isn’t listed, check the Map my file fields to the FedEx import template box before clicking Import. When your file is uploaded, you can define which fields in your document correspond with the FedEx address book fields.

No address book file at all? Don’t worry, you can create one with our template. Click Download a sample .CSV file, enter your contacts’ information in the columns provided, and upload it the same way as above.

Add an individual address when you ship.

If you’re shipping to a contact for the first time, just check the Save new recipient in address book box after you’ve filled in their information when creating a shipping label. Next time, shipping to that individual is just a click away.

Your address book can be a powerful time-saver in your daily workflow. Manage your address book now to start shipping more efficiently.

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