An Efficient Way to Ship LTL Freight

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You often don’t know how much time and money you could save until you change course and actually realize the benefits.

See how five innovative companies automated the delivery process for their businesses. Now, they perform their less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping tasks faster and more accurately by using automation through FedEx Ship Manager®, saving them time and money.


Simplify your shipping

Whether you have a few shipments or many, processing parcel and freight shipments with the automated shipping tool FedEx Ship Manager® will help you:

  • Quickly generate Bills of Lading
  • Print prepopulated shipping labels
  • Easily schedule pickups
  • Create address books that work across the business enterprise
  • Track the status of package and freight shipments
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Here’s a look at the benefits that come from using an automated system.

Increase productivity

North American EDM Supplies, of Willoughby, Ohio, attributes much of its recent growth to the automated shipping software FedEx Ship Manager.

“In the past we were writing everything down,” says Tony Wisen, operations manager for the company. “Now we just enter our sales order number and FedEx Ship Manager allows us to pull up all the shipping information. All I do then is hit the ‘process’ button. The whole system is now much faster and easier.”

And it didn’t take long to set up and learn — just a matter of hours, he says. Wisen uses the extra time he now has to focus on developing a marketing plan for e-commerce.

Another big stress reducer? Damage claims to EDM’s fragile products — such as spooled wire and lightweight filters — are down a whopping 300 percent after switching from another carrier to FedEx.

Read “Fragile Shipments, Sturdy Results” to learn how North American EDM Supplies became more productive by replacing a manual process with an automated system for its less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments.

Save money

Zuo, a furniture wholesaler in Union City, California, aims to eliminate clutter and stay streamlined and up to date with its modern-inspired product line. So it’s no surprise that the company took a similar approach when looking to hone its shipping process by automating its LTL freight shipping.

Before using FedEx Ship Manager for the company’s freight shipments, employees were manually typing customer data onto Bills of Lading. This was a time-consuming process, and they would sometimes enter incorrect shipping addresses and telephone numbers.

Once Zuo automated its freight shipments, typos were reduced and speed increased — improving the bottom line. Employees can now process freight shipments in half the time, allowing Zuo to move twice the volume. This is important for a company that’s growing at a rapid pace.

“Automate as much as you can,” says Allan Ching, operations manager for Zuo. “Like anything else, time is money.”

Read “Zuo: On Trend and on Schedule” to see how processing shipments faster through automation helps Zuo keep up with its growing customer base.

Reduce errors

Chemical Technologies International (CTI) tackles stains no one else can by inventing its own cleaning products. “We’re always looking to do something better, more efficient, more effective,” says Todd Hinde, manager of technical services. This is why the company looked to a better solution for its shipping needs.

Up to five years ago, warehouse employees printed each Bill of Lading and manually entered all customer information for each shipment. FedEx developed an extension that plugged into FedEx Ship Manager and interfaced with CTI’s software.

More recently, CTI was one of the first customers to use freight automation when FedEx Ship Manager added the feature. Now employees need to just scan the barcode and hit a button to enter the needed shipping information.

“Seeing the reduction of errors has been just amazing,” Hinde says. “The integration between the FedEx software and our accounting software has been a lifesaver.”

Manually entering shipment information takes time and increases potential for error. Read “Fighting Grime, Saving Time” to see how Chemical Technologies International solves both issues through automation.

Improve customer service

Houston-based Pro Maxima takes pride in delivering high-quality, U.S.-made weightlifting and exercise equipment to customers all over the world. And they want customers to get their equipment intact and on time.

Before integrating to an automated shipping solution, employees had to guess the freight classification of each individual pallet prior to shipping. Pro Maxima’s products vary in size, weight and density, and the employees didn’t always guess correctly. In fact, 85 percent of the company’s LTL freight shipments had to be reclassified, which led to heavier workloads, freight delays and sizable fines.

FedEx Ship Manager takes the guesswork out of the process. Once a pallet is ready for shipping, an employee needs to just enter its weight and dimensions, and the software automatically finds the correct classification. The result? The reclassification rate has dropped to 5 percent, and no LTL freight has been lost or incorrectly shipped.

“We go above and beyond to make sure our customers get 100 percent quality customer service,” says Collin Dakheel, director of logistics and fleet operations at Pro Maxima.

Read “Pro Maxima Flexes Its Automation Muscles” to find out how automating its freight shipping process helped Pro Maxima reduce classification errors.

Save time

CableWholesale manufactures and ships various types of cables, including cell phone chargers and HDMI cords, to customers all over the world. Sometimes a customer’s shipment can include 10,000-plus phone charging cables — weighing about 3,000 lbs. and requiring a pallet for LTL freight shipping, which can take time.

Luckily for the company, shipping 3,000-lb. freight can be as simple as shipping a package, with FedEx Ship Manager.

“Automation of freight shipping has been critical to our success,” says Michael Capone, chief operating officer at CableWholesale. “The first time we typed an order number into the system and it spat out a label, we nearly fell out of our chairs. The time savings is at least 90 percent. It takes only three seconds to produce a label.”

With the time it’s saved, CableWholesale is able to say yes to more projects and generate more business.

CableWholesale already used FedEx Ship Manager® to process its package shipments, so it was pleased to experience the same success for its less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. See why at “Wired for Efficiency.”

Get on board

Try FedEx Ship Manager for your package and LTL freight shipments. Contact your account executive to get set up today.

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